Sent to the whole **FAMILY Freindly Data-Base?** – FFDB? – over the week begining 18-Sept-2010 – ALL current NZ MP’s and NZMedia contacts individually, the rest in clusters of alaphabetical groups. Stored @ under tag PMLetterJAVAN

From: Jim Bailey – jimbwarrior []
Sent: Saturday, 18 September 2010 3:53 a.m.
To: MP – NZ – Prime Minister – the Hon. John Key – National – Helensville – Minister for Tourism
Cc: MP – NZ – Prime Minister – John Key – National – Helensville; MP – NZ – Prime Minister – the Hon. John Key – National – Helensville – Minister for Tourism (
Subject: NZ – Attn PM John Key and ALL NZ Family Orientated Folk – Successive NZ Govts BLOCK Equal Parenting

Attn PM John Key and ALL NZ Family Orientated Folk.

Introduction – 0400 – 18Sept2010

Below is Javan and my Story as Javan approaches his 15th Birthday – 12Oct2010.

It is yet another request to LOOK deep into the real LACK of growth in New Zealand’s economy.

It is yet another request to LOOK @ what is causing DEEP Grief, even to the point of suicide, in our populous.

Javan and my example show the depressed Esteem of the very people that would WANT to build our NATION.

NZ Damages its Family Orientated Folk HOURLY as business by the very structure of our Family Law and Social Policy.

A close examination of this letter and know doubt 1000’s of other Father-&-Child stories will give YOU Sir, current PM of New Zealand, a far better glimpse at why New Zealand economy is difficult to manage than any normal Economic Indicator and the real way to sustain growth.

YOUR attn to the detail in this Story as a guide to real progress is requested ASAP

Onward – Jim – Full signature – Below.


Successive NZGovt’s BLOCK willing Dad with disabilities and Family Court Ordered, **Equal parenting**.

A reflection of 1000’s of NZGovt damaged FAMILIES. 

PM John Key refuses to Act – Go to tag **PMLetterJim** @  

My Sons Mother disappeared while pregnant with our Son in 1995.

As far as I understand it 15years later she paniced after many months of what I see as ABUSE from New Life Church Akoranga Dr. North Shore City, New Zealand.

After a very trying and difficult FIGHT with the EVIL that destroyed our love and our Sons chance of an upbringing in his **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** I was Ordered real week about **Equal Parenting** of our Son during 1997. I soon discovered the so called FAMILY Court for the Business that it is and how useless most lawyers are on behalf of FAMILY Orientated Folk, generating income, NOT Family Harmony.

Thus I took the chance of and Self Litigated with a little help from friends and hours of prayer. Although no human Friends where ever allowed in Court with me, I was well guided and comforted. Since then some have accepted my guiding hand and ALL those have won a step toward real **Equal Parenting**. I am NOT in the business of damaging FAMILY.

After a few hitches to start, mainly caused by Mums so called CHRISTian Home Group (Elim Auckland City) often BLOCKING our changeover, we settled into a week about pattern. I worked Full-Time in my own Taxi and employed others to keep it on the road when my Son and I where busy – A wonderful time with much help from Family and Friends – We lived in a one room flat with an ablution block with minimum furniture and a double bed bunk, single on top – I read and later he shared till asleep every night in his top bunk and I fell down to my double bed as he happily snoozed off, and me a very content Dad.

He was often in the Taxi Van in his permanently rigged Kid Seat right beside me, when we were on Contract work running Kids, the elderly and IHC around the place including his Play Centre, Primary School and similar others. He loved it and we built a huge business with SOLO and Grand Parents ordering the Taxi with the Kid (Seat) in it – Several Magazines and News Papers published glowing articles.

One Anti-FAMILY idiot criticised us via the Media, for removing the seat belt during a photo shoot so the viewers could see my Sons joy, clearly. The Taxi Van was clearly still while loading other Kids. God help us with the NZGovt Spin Doctoring the public to spy on Family Orientated Folk in action and thus setting the NUTS free.

Disaster struck in mid 2000 with me facing massive pain in my chest and eventually giving way to Heart and Reflux procedures. I believed caused thru the Injustices I faced to Father my Son. Injustice from; the Family Court, so called Child Support, my Sons Mothers so called Church (Now Northcote Vinyard), my Sons Mother, MP’s, Bureaucrats, some Child Care Centres, some of the Public and on and on it went.

The hardest to take was the crap I received and still receive from some in the so called **NZ Mens and Their Childrens Movement**, discussed on the front page of my **Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed** website in signature below.

However the BEST have stood with me all-the-way and still do. I have built a strong independent of Church (Although loosely connected to many) relationship with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. See **Ragamuffins in CHRIST’s Kingdom** on FaceBOOK.

LINK –!/group.php?gid=140046086037454

From Mid 2000 the Medical fraternity have been marvellous and done 6 more procedures, much medication and good advice – However I remain an invalid with ongoing Heart, Reflux and now Diabetic troubles – Today I work and rest in 4 hour cycles 24X7, which seems to keep me on top most of the time with the odd week in hospital.

WINZ, New Zealand’s so called Social Welfare have done all they can to get me off the Single Persons Invalids Benefit even though they now have TONS of Medical Fraternity Documentation, proving that I am not able to work in the normal manner of the word – Joke really, I have never stopped work, doing all I can to Father my Son and working as a Social Entrepreneur toward real **Equal Parenting** in GLOBAL Family Law and Social Policy, within the limitations of my NZGovt caused disability.

WINZ even tricked me back to part time work at one stage, with me thinking I could maintain our week about **Equal parenting** with the perceived extra $Dollars, while I worked in pain much of that time. That bloody near killed me and today they extort any gain back out of my Benefit due to so called Child Support debt – What Bullshit – Paying so called Child Support is funding the destruction of your own FAMILY and empowering the State to do just that to others – My Son was either living with me or being Equal Parented most of that time.

WINZ have refused to support our week about Family Court Ordered **Equal Parenting** from day one of me gaining the Single Persons Invalids Benefit, some 10 years ago and thus WINZ stand GUILTY of destroying the Fathering of my Son.

EVERY New Zealand MP including BOTH Prime Ministers since mid 2000 are well aware of the damage WINZ Gender Bias has caused my Son and I – And no doubt 1000’s of others – Me having written 100’s of letters and sent 1000’s of Emails to know avail and encouraged others to do the same.

All I have ever asked for is/was HALF of ALL moneys allocated to Parent my Son – Mother has received ALL yet done less than half the job from day one, except for a short time when my Son lived with me full time while Mother went off to find herself.

Strangely enough I ran out of Money a few years back and now my Son lives with his mother full time and spends a few hours here with me most weeks – Me, a dedicated Father now struggling to even fund those short visits, because of WINZ Gender Bias and so called Child Support Extortion.

My Son NOW showing badly the effects of NZGovt lead, FatherLessNess and struggling to make sense of his way fwd, with very little of his DADS influence as a Mummies Boy as his mates call him.

Funny how the young can see but John Key and Helen Clark can/could not, or, can they?


We wonder why our FAMILY related Stats get WORSE by the day.

Here is my Conclusion – Successive NZGovt’s are deliberately destroying our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES** by making Fathers and some Mums PowerLess.

This letter is @ **PMLetterJAVAN** – 

Onward – Together in CHRIST and in Coalition with ALL who value the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**.

Ration Shed – Jim –

Part of the:

NZ Ministry of Mens Affairs


2 Responses to PMLetterJAVAN

  1. ________________________________________
    From: Hon. Georgina te Heuheu (MIN) []
    Sent: Tuesday, 21 September 2010 7:19 a.m.
    To: Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior
    Subject: Automated response from Office of Hon Georgina te Heuheu

    Thank you for taking the time to write to Hon Georgina te Heuheu.

    If this is an invitation or meeting request, please email

    If this is a portfolio matter, your email will be responded to in due course.

    If you are expressing a personal view, thank you for taking the time to write.

    Kind regards,

    Office of Hon te Heuheu.

  2. ________________________________________
    From: Hon. Anne Tolley (MIN) []
    Sent: Tuesday, 21 September 2010 7:19 a.m.
    To: Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior
    Subject: Thank you for your email

    On behalf of Hon Anne Tolley, thank you for your email which has been received by this office. Your correspondence has been noted and will be recorded.

    Your email will be forwarded to the Minister for consideration, and a response will be sent as soon as possible. However, if your email is bringing some information to the attention of the Minister, please regard this as a final response to your email.

    Kind regards
    The Office of Hon Anne Tolley

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