North Shore Men-Dads – Please send info for others to

For Dads:

Ration Shed – Dads of all ages who value the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** are welcome for a chat @ the Ration Shed, Lancaster Rd, Beach Haven phone 027-429-0055 – The front page of this site will tell you more of what we get up too. There is a Mens Banquet @Ration Shed every Friday Eve – More info @  

Shore Fathers

For CHRISTian Males of ALL ages

Mens Banquet @ Rations Shed, Lancaster Rd, Beach Haven – Most Fridays @ 1800 – Bring something you have, made, brewed, grown, bought – Not Mummies Diners – Then off to join the Mens Coffee group @ DFC Glenfield noted below.

For All MEN


Wise Guys!/group.php?gid=107774752604010


Men in Change


Men’s Friday Night Café Group

From 1900 – DFC Cafe – Glenfield Mall – North Shore City!/group.php?gid=135536189798707


Men’s Centre North Shore


Much more information @

Raeburn House – Go Directory below or use the Search Engine


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