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  1. jimbwarrior says:

    Subject: NZ – Letter to PM John Key re WINZ destructive Gender Bias via Special Benefit review – 5-5-2010

    PM – John Key – Hard copy to follow

    My Son Javan wants more time with me – I still have much to give my Son as his Father and request the necessary help from WINZ to do that – As I say – I am not asking for special treatment I simply want the debt taken care of by WINZ as it was created by WINZ and HALF the resources already allocated to Parent my Son made available ASAP.

    Prime Minister – John Key
    PM John Key – I ask that you look into this matter personally as Minister Bennett has never responded to your many requests for her to do so when I have written to you both on this same matter that is now far worse.

    CC, Minister of MSD-WINZ – the Hon Paula Bennett
    CC, Minister Peter Dunne (Thanks for your efforts so far – Sadly not far enough as below)
    CC, CEO – MSD-CYFS -&- WINZ – Peter Hughes
    CC, Case worker – Colleen Sears
    CC, Ration Shed Communique
    CC, Yahoo group – a father’s coalition
    CC, FaceBook group – The Fight for Mens Rights in the Welfare and Justice System.

    Reference WINZ Clients – Jim Bailey and Son Javan – 323-170-397

    WINZ Gender Bias continues to damage our FAMILY

    1. My Son wants more time with me. But is BLOCKED by WINZ Gender Bias.

    2. My situation has worsened medically. I believe much of my medical troubles relate directly to the Injustices discovered within NZFamily Law and Social Policy as I fought to Father my Son, from the day his Mother disappeared while pregnant with him.

    3. My debt is increasing to unmanageable because of WINZ Gender Bias.

    I don’t want Special Treatment by WINZ I simply want what is my and my Son’s Right in the legislation. In the FAMILY issues – Half of What is, WITHOUT Bias – and the clearing of debt created by WINZ Gender Bias. The debt being in Overdraft – Credit Card and so called Child Support.

    Please find attached

    1. Current medical report – You are welcome to the full report but will find most of the report already in WINZ files.

    2. Special Benefit review

    As you will notice on the review – My medical condition has worsened, become more expensive, my debt is increasing, my teeth have needed urgent care for several years, which WINZ also refuse to fund and my Son Javan wants much more time with me. WINZ have offered to loan money to fund the repair of my teeth but this would have to be repaid at $10-15 per week which I simply don’t have to spare. My current available money for Food, Petrol and Javan is $25-00 per week.

    Let alone WINZ Gender bias made personally very clear to me now over 10 years on a Single Persons Invalids Benefit by WINZ refusing to recognise our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting** and thus NOT sharing the CHILD Resourses available thru WINZ, with me but WINZ funding ALL to Mother who does not share.

    Let alone being forced to pay $25-0+ so called Child Support because of WINZ Gender Bias destroying our Family Court Ordered **Equal Parenting** and money earnt when tricked back to work against medical advise in the hope of maintaining our **Equal Parenting**. Peter Dunne has been helpful here in reducing the original claim to $25-0+ but the fact is – I should not be funding so called Child Support in the first place I should be **Equal Parenting** my Son as FAMILY Court Orders.

    Let alone massive power increase.

    WINZ have forced me to place my Son in the full time care of his MOTHER by their Gender Bias. Javan has been severely Under Fathered and missed out on much of his Paternal Family because of WINZ Gender Bias.
    This has caused much confusion in my Son and my relationship and caused me much debt and considerably loss of quality of assets and normal comforts as I have used ALL I have to do what I can to Father him and draw attn to these destructive matters.

    As time has gone on I have found many a Father and Child relationship damaged in similar fashion.

    We survived 9 years of week about **Equal Parenting** but the hardship and frustrations caused by WINZ funding ALL Child Resourses to Mother and NOTHING for our Son to Father eventually forced my hand to place him full time with mother.

    On this Special Benefit Review under headings; 10 – 12 – 13 – 14 & 15

    10 – Allowance for Children

    Javan now 14 is often here for meals, internet use, and Fathering stuff. I need WINZ help to continue the re-growth of our relationship damaged by WINZ Gender Bias.

    12 – Have I any cash assets?

    I have much debt in Over Draft, Credit Card and so called Child Support, caused by WINZ Gender Bias as I attempted to Father my Son with NO help from WINZ.

    13 – Have I any NON-Cash assets?

    We have been reduced to a gifted car and household furniture due to WINZ Gender Bias as an attempt to raise funds to Father my Son.

    14 – Living expenses and commitments for me and my Family

    My biggest difficulty is paying back debt caused by WINZ Gender Bias over the 9 years of week about **Equal Parenting** with NO help from WINZ. – That help in today’s terms should have been about $100-00 per week or $200 the week he was with me – Having had Javan full time for about 3 months last year I am well aware of what I should get.

    Because WINZ have refused to fund the upkeep of my teeth and on the odd occasion when they have forced me to use inferior dentists my teeth now need well in access of $3,000 worth of treatment – Half of it to repair inferior dentistry. WINZ are well aware of this. While I live on pain killers.

    Javan is here for 4/5 meals a week and would be here a lot more given half a chance – I estimate that costs me about $50-0 extra a week – Let alone updating medicines that he needs that mother refuses to supply and the odd special time out like pictures, games etc. – He could not play soccer this year as I simply can’t afford it, nor the running around – All made worse by WINZ Gender Bias. So much for **Kids in Sport stay out of Court** – No doubt Mother has the money but alas a negative influence on his dearly loved Soccer.

    The onset of diabetes was made clear over 12 years ago – I have managed to keep it in control much longer than most but it has now progressed to type 2 – Thus doctors visits and medical costs has virtually doubled.

    15 – Individual circumstances

    I have Ischaemic Heart Disease, Reflux hassles and now diabetes’s – I have successfully fought the onset of diabetes type 2 for over 12 years but it has finally come upon me and thus the extra Dr visits and medical costs.

    The medical Fraternity have done great things and I am sure their best over 6/7 procedures and much advise and visits – Dr Hart says No more surgery for me as its to risky, having had a heart attack during the last procedure – Basically my heart has had enough of their tinkering and now we depend on Management by Medicine and my co-operation. Several areas of my heart need further stenting but that’s not a good idea other than in emergency.

    Summing up

    I still have much to give my Son as his Father and request the necessary help from WINZ to do that – As I say – I am not asking for special treatment I simply want the debt taken care of by WINZ as it was created by WINZ and HALF the resources already allocated to Parent my Son made available ASAP.

    Ration Shed Founder
    Supporting a father’s coalition, on Yahoo,
    Especially, Dan Ryder, Graeme Axford, Jim Bagnall, Kerry Bevin, Peter Burns, James Kelso, many others and the New Zealand FaceBook groups;
    The fight for Mens Rights in the Welfare and Justice system
    CYFS Accountability!/group.php?gid=162963230683&ref=search&sid=1464668645.4026313401..1

    It is fast becoming more clear that MSD-CYFS -&- WINZ do more damage to our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES** hourly, than all other NZGovt Edifices put together, while PM John-K and Minister Bennett Pontificate.

    Onward – Together – in CHRIST – Jim Bailey
    JimBWarrior – HandsOnEqualParent
    NZ Mobile – 027-429-0055

    • Peter Dunne, Minister of Revenue and thus so called Child Support replied today recieved 31-May-2010.

      He has ignored my main point – I will reply shortly.

      I have typed his letter here

      28May 2010

      Mr Jim Bailey
      6 Lancaster Road
      Beach Haven
      North Shore City 0626

      Dear Mr Bailey

      Thank you for providing me with a copy of your letter of 5 May 2010 to the Prime Minister, Hon John Key. As Minister of Revenue, I am only able to address the concerns that you have raised about the child support scheme.

      Further to my letter of 22 October 2009, I can confirm that there has been a review of aspects of the child support scheme, but Cabinaet, for the time being, has decided to defer consideration of the issue. In light of that decision, I am currently giving further consideration to the issue, and hope to be in a position to submit fresh proposals to Cabinet in the next little while.

      While a host of unfortunate issues may arise when families separate, the child support scheme is focused solely on financial contributions for the children. Neither I, as a Minister of the Crown, notr Inland Revenue, are able to address issues surrounding custody or access of a child. These issues should be addressed by the parents themselves and, when this is not possible, by the Family Court.

      As the administration of the Child Support Act 1991 is the responcibility of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, I referred a copy of your letter to his office for comment.

      Officials conform that you have been correctly assessed in accordance with the law, and that your 2010 income estimation has been reconsiled against your actual 2010 income, which has reduced your child support arrears. Officials further advise that a statement of account has been sent to you, under separate cover, detailings the reduction.

      In the interim, I undrerstand that your arrears payments are being collected from your social security benefit per wekk, and this will continue until payment has been made in full.

      Thank you for writing, and I trust that my comments are of assistance.

      Yours Sincersly

      Hon Peter Dunne
      Minister of Revenue

      • Minister of Revenue
        Hon Peter Dunne
        Pvt Bag 18041
        Parliament Buildings
        Wellington 6160

        CC, PLAXO, Yahoo, FaceBook and WordPress Groups

        Peter Dunne condones Bureaucratic Violence


        I have thanked you for your small effort in this matter that reduced so called Child Supports first claim on me of $45-00 per week to $25-00+ per week created by Bureaucratic Violence.


        In your latest letter you confirm that you Condon the Bureaucratic Violence which places me in debt with so called Child Support and charges me so called Child Support in support of WINZ refusing to recognise our Family Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**.

        In your latest letter you call my situation UNFORTUNATE and suggest that my Sons Mother and I should sort the problem between us or go to the Family Court. The situation is NOT unfortunate it is deliberate Bureaucratic Violence.

        Can you not read Peter – My problem is neither with the X nor the FAMILY Court.

        The FAMILY Court issued **Equal Parenting** Orders in 1997 with the agreement of the X and latter our Son as he got older and more able to express his desires thru his own lawyer.

        I went 9 years on a Single Persons Invalids Benefit with NO Help from WINZ to week about **Equal Parent** my Son.

        Strangely enough I ran out of money and resources as the funding to Parent my Son was ALL directed to Mum thru WINZ Bureaucratic Violence. I am now in debt up to my eyeballs because of this Bureaucratic Violence which YOU Condon.

        As a desperate try to maintain the FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting** of my Son I went against medical advise and took on a part time job which I managed in much pain to retain for a while.

        So called Child Support deemed it OK to cause that desperate attempt to counteract WINZ Bureaucratic Violence as extra money and have turned most of the gain into a FALSE Debt which I am FORCED to pay back because they purge my Single Person Invalids Benefit, thus further Bureaucratic Violence caused debt.

        Now that I have been FORCED to send my Son to live full time with his Mother and thus confuse the Hell out of him who is showing it in all sorts of skulduggery I am FORCED to pay so called Child Support to support the BUREACRATIC VIOLENCE which is damaging my Son as so called Child Support purges even MORE from my Single Persons Invalids Benefit

        Thus reducing my ability to even Father Him from a distance even though he is often here as explained in my previous letter to the Prime Minister who has not yet responded.

        You and your fellow leaders are about to see ALL hell let loose on those like yourself who damage our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES**.

        Expect crowds outside your Office and Home as we demand reviews of ALL that tears our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES** Apart.

        Let the BOTHERING begin.

        Onward – Together for FAMILY – Ration Shed – Jim
        6 Lancaster Rd – Beach Haven – North Shore City.

  2. jimbwarrior says:

    I am most grateful to those Family Orientated Folk who have funded the upgrading of my teeth – Hopefully within a few days there will be no need for pain killers

    Onward – and thanks again – Ration Shed – Jim

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