NZ – Teenager helped boy kill himself – What can one expect from a Society whose FAMILY Law, Social Policy and the purveyors of it induce SUICIDE Daily?


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NZ – Skeleton Suicide Petition in Auckland – 5 BOTHERINGS 20th and 21st February – Saturday and Sunday, including the PM’s HOME.


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NZ – Govt wilfully destroys FAMILIES inducing suicide notes like THESE, while Mens Groups offer idle – idol muttering, group hugs, and gateKept protection for those needing purging.


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Some of the GLOBAL – Responces to Jims forced ponder – The collective Wisdom and concern for each other renders me humbled and hopeful


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NZ – Jims Forced Mull/Ponder – asks why the so called NZ Mens movement is failing its FAMILIES – Mum, Dad, the Kids and all 4 Grand’s


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Jim’s Forced Mull – Ponder



I am **WAS**  in North Shore Hospital Ward 3 / B / 2

**SEE UPDATES IN COMMENTS BELOW and many more on the Egroup GO – **

I am having Heart and Reflux Maintenance

Could be off air till after CHRISTmas as they may go to Open Heart Surgery

Come visit if poss.

Txt me 027-429-0055

Onward – Together – Jim

GLOBAL – Heritage Foundation – November – Family Facts Top Ten Findings: Parental Involvement and Children’s Well-Being


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