There is HOPE – Tell your story LOUD and CLEAR

Updated 18April2012

Sorry folks I have had enough of the internet – Leave it to you who have the energy to fight-on – Signing off the Internet end of April2012 – Stay in touch thru txt New Zealand Cellphone number remains 027-429-0055

Many Blessings

Onward – Jim

Previous Updated NZ FATHERS Day Sept-4-2011 

 The MOST happy Fathers Day  in years – 6/7hrs with my favourite SON, Bacon, eggs, the 2 tron movies and Speights Dark to boot.

Please enjoy the many LINKS to information re REAL **Equal Parenting** to your right.

Ration Shed is about Caring for those Rationed of FAMILY and FOOD.

The Shed in Beach Haven works on a Donate and Exchange basis – Come See – Address below

The GLOBAL state of the **WHOLE Natural Biological FAMILY** is Constantly Updated on my FaceBOOK Profile wall by my 800+ friends spread as far around the WORLD as possible and growing, JOIN us.

Mostly MEN who value the **WHOLE Natural Biological FAMILY** and will fight on to achieve real GLOBAL **Equal Parenting** from Conception

We believe that ALL Kids NEED **Equal** doses of Mum, DAD, all 4 Grand’s+ – NOT Government and their Hirelings – Come see – Join me @

Sign into the GLOBAL EVENT **Let the GLOBAL BOTHERING Continue until the KIDS come HOME**!/event.php?ied+241418342546530

Sign into the GLOBAL EVENT **STAND against the (DESTRUCTIVE) Bias of White Ribbon Day**!/event.php?eid=2212642112611930

MEN’S Banquet is about creating Sacred Space for MEN to find the WAY ahead – John 14:6 – A place where Women have NO say and FAMILY orientated MEN of ALL ages are ENCOURAGED – Focused toward REAL Equal Parenting as created by GOD, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. LINK

  • Come join us for a Shared Dinner most Fridays and then for Coffee/Chai
  • Bring something ready to eat and/or drink to the table
  • 6 Lancaster Rd, Beach Haven,NorthShore,Auckland.
  • We eat at 1800hrs-6pm – Come early if you need to prepare and borrow serving gear.
  • We leave for Coffee/Chai at 1900hrs-7pm and go to DFC Café in the Glenfield Mall
  • To far away – Start your own and make contact. – I will list your meetings in Venues above
  • You will be introduced to many other meetings at these 2 venues


That is the **WHOLE Natural Biological FAMILY** as Created by GOD.

Constant GLOBAL Updates on the state of the **WHOLE Natural Biological FAMILY** from Friends WORLD–WIDE in BOTH websites below.

MEN’S Banquet – Creating Sacred Space for MEN to find their WAY TOGETHER – John 14:6


Ration Shed – For those Rationed of FAMILY and/or FOOD


HELP maintain and grow this ministry to ALL age MEN and those Rationed of FAMILY and FOOD. YOUR gifts will help strengthen and speed our way ahead. My own capital and vehicles are way gone in fact debt abounds. My Single Persons Invalids Benefit is only enough to sustain my life, not life style Mr J A K Bailey – ANZ – Birkenhead – New Zealand – 01 – 0113 – 0185849 – 04  You’re welcome to a copy of the bank statement you effect. FoodBANK and other extras to your FAMILY needs direct to the address below.

Jim A. K. Bailey

6 Lancaster Rd

Beach Haven

North Shore

Auckland – 0626

New Zealand

NZ Mob 027-429-0055

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  1. Javan says:

    Go DAD – Javan

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