NZ – FAMILY Orientated People are on the Rise – Updated 4-July-2010

Independant of NZGovt funding, Twisted Stats, lies and the Anti-Family Brigade.

I have been most encouraged to see many more NZ BLOGS/Groups begin to emerge from under NZGovt funding, the Anti-Family Brigade, GateKeepers and White Ants that have promoted and fed NZGovt Humanist lies that destroy our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILYS**. See previous pages, and the ABOUT, where some of them expose themselves in their many comments.

Below is an incomplete list of emerging BLOGS, FaceBook and Yahoo Groups that will turn this country upside down and take the Fight, Profit and Careers from NZFAMILY Law and Social Policy.

To add your NON NZGovt funded Family Orientated BLOG/Group to this page and/or your self onto the **FAMILY Friendly Data-Base?** – FFDB? – See the top of my main BLOG

The tide is turning, and will turn faster when ALL Family Orientated Folk help those who beat the street and ALL begin to WORK in Coalition without Hierarchy to GateKept Progress by their limited, usually NZ College and Varsity FemiNazi indoctrinated, understanding and without White Ants to feed twisted, destructive information to those who would destroy FAMILY.

There is HOPE – Tell your story LOUD and CLEAR

EVERY Kiwi who has had their FAMILY damaged, or can see it coming, by the State or those State funded NEED to CROWD every Building and Home of those who damage our FAMILIES, our Nation.

Demand that real **Equal Parenting** – The modern expression for GOOD old fashioned FAMILY – is ENSHRINED deep within FAMILY Law and Social Policy, thus taking the Fight, Profit, and Careers from current Law and Policy to rid our Nation of those hell bent on destroying our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES** for Profit, Careers and Anti-Family Agenda.

NZ based Groups that welcome overseas membership and encouragement that have climbed out from under the destructive influence of NZGovt funding, the Anti-Family Brigade, the GateKeepers and the White Ants, although you will see the odd one expressing their frustration as they lose control.

BLOGS alphabetically;

  • §      Dad4Justice


  • §      Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed


  • §      FAMILY First


  • Kiwis First


  • Lance Broughton


FaceBOOK by Membership

  1. 1.      Equal Parenting Cause on FaceBook – 2088 – 4–July- 2010


  1. 2.      The Fight for Mens Rights in the Welfare and Justice system – 1325 – 4-July-2010


  1. 3.      Corrupt social workers and corrupt cops the great wall of shame – 513 – 4-July-2010 

LINK –!/group.php?gid=132441260108086

  1. 4.      GLOBAL **Equal Parenting** Petition – 806 – 4-July-2010


  1. 5.      Child Youth and FAMILY Services ACCOUNTABILITY – 470 – 4-July-2010

LINK –!/group.php?gid=162963230683

  1. 6.      Women-4-Men on FaceBook – 212 – 4-July-2010

LINK –!/group.php?gid=124824740881362

  1. 7.      Equal Parenting Petition and Support – 102 – 4-July-2010


  1. 8. Free Vince Semier – 18 – 8-July-2010


  1.  9. Ration Shed FoodBANK – (FoodBANK in Beach Haven, North Shore City, Auckland, NZ)  14- 4 – July



YAHOO Groups by Membership

1        Ration Shed Communique – GLOBAL **Equal Parenting** NEWS and debate.

72 Members – 28-June-2010


2        a fathers coalition – For Fathers ONLY to debate and work their a way forward in Coalition – NO Hierarchy – NO One SpokesMan – ALL telling their Story Loud and Clear as Individuals in supportive Coalition.

7 Members – 28-June-2010


3        Fathers-Mothers-GrandParents-Sorting-Room – For Fathers, Mothers and Grand parents to sort their differences and work a way fwd for their Kids to have their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**

New – 28-June-2010



Onward – Together in CHRIST, without men’s traditions (Religion) and in Coalition with ALL who value the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**

Ration Shed – Jim –


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