NZ – Skeleton Suicide Petition in Auckland – 5 BOTHERINGS 20th and 21st February – Saturday and Sunday, including the PM’s HOME.

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Here is a attempt by the really active few to lift MEN out of their APATHY, go well old mates.

Usually – NZ Mens Groups mutter, hold hands, GateKeep progress, enjoy group hugs in secret meetings while the NZ National Govt claps as the 400,000+ Kids without DADS, some Mums and many Grand Parents, GROWS.

Skeleton Suicide Petition in Auckland.


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The Working Party on Suicide, a father’s coalition, Republicans, Ration Shed and other

concerned citizens are calling for an Inquiry into suicide.

The Skeleton Suicide Petition has met with much personal trauma and a suprising level of concern about male suicide and the thousands of fatherless children.

The Governments Suicide Plan Committee Report avoids the real issues claim the Skeleton Suicide activists who are petitioning in Auckland on Saturday the 20th and

Sunday the 21st of February. They want the shock horror of suicide honestly

addressed and properly resourced with neccessary social policy and law changes

around separartion and gender equality.

On Saturday 20th the Skeleton Suicide Petition will be at Henderson Mall at

10am and the North Shore Mall at 1pm. On Sunday 21st the signature gathering

continues at Newmarket Center at 10am and Manukau Mall at 1pm. The call for an

Inquiry into suicide will be at the Prime Ministers house in Parnell at 4pm.

For information phone (09) 473 3747.

Please forward this email to any other concerned citizens.

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Ration Shed Founder

And supporting a father’s coalition

Onward – Together – in CHRIST – Jim – JimBWarrior

NZ Mobile – 027-429-0055 

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