Some of the GLOBAL – Responces to Jims forced ponder – The collective Wisdom and concern for each other renders me humbled and hopeful

Please add your wisdom as we work our way forward BACK to strenghtening the GLOBAL **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**.

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1.      From;

Vicar: Rev Lorraine Lloyd – NZ – North Shore City – Beach Haven

Dear Jim,

Thanks for your email.  I hope it wont be too long before we see you again.  We miss you and your lovely smiling face.

Keep us in your prayers as we will keep you in ours.

Many blessings…Lorraine


2.      From;

Dave Ellison – UK – Warrington – On FaceBook

Good luck – hope all goes well.




3.      From;

Robert Redwolf Belanger – USA – FI

good luck jim im going in tomorrow ill say a prayer 4 u


4.      From;

Jeff Cefalo – USA – FL – Kissimmee – On Ration Shed – Signed Equal Pet.


You are in my Prayers, May HE be with you always

I know what it is to have heart surgery ,, I had  2 back to back heart attacks  Apr 2005,and then  had  ER heart surgery June 2005 ,,since then I’ve had 5 more heart attacks and yup back into the hospital again for those, funny thing is that I have never had issues with my heart all my life  nor any history of nor any member of my family has had, Until the corrupt family court stuck their face into our life  since 2002 and continuing, the same as you and many others, they create the unnecessary Stress for all of us and they walk with what they claim ‘Clean Hands’ under the color of their law  which is Corrupt, abusive, imaginary, flagrant, digusting.

I Pray You will be Fine and Dandy and back on your feet as soon as possible, we need you Warrior!

Merry Christmas !

I don’t know how to text off my computer so I hope this gets to you via email.

God Bless,


Jeff Cefalo



5.      From;

James Deuchars – UK – Scotland – GLASGOW – GRANDPARENTS APART – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09

Good luck Jim. I’ve just been through a major cancer operation myself and i’m recovering well.

Up and onward, Jim.

Jimmy Deuchars

Grandparents Apart Scotland.


6.      From;

George Karavidas – Greece – Athens – Peroster – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09

Greetings Jim… YOU WILL WIN AGAIN!!!

As Your Son, the Fathers in Stress, the World of Biological Families, We – The Men – Fathers… NEED YOU ALIVE and not confront in a ‘Wheel Chair’ or

Behind Curtin’s,,,

Although I have specializing in stress, I am fighting it every day, as my only child – a 14 year old daughter (looking very much like me) and Successor of my Art of Fighting- lately has been manipulated by her mother (where she was one of my best student – instructor) and all of her female friends, of not even to come to the Gym, never mind to fulfill the obligations of the ‘contract’ that I have through court where: < I can take my child as long and when I wish from her mother and she is obliged to give her to me…>. Now again I am preparing to fight in court again… but I am steamed off, because of the latest negative approach  to the matter of my daughter… Thus, I need you as well!! Stay ALIVE!! Just take it easier!

Your Friend and Brother,

George Karavidas


Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

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7.      From;

Greg Downing – UK – England – Bedford – Flitwick – On Ration Shed – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09

Thoughts are with you. Get better soon!

Kind Regards

Greg Downing

+44 (0) 7733 313200 <>

“Parental Alienation is a cancerous form of child abuse!

Prevention is better than cure. Preventing contact with a loving parent or family member must become socially unacceptable” <>  – Parental Alienation awareness, prevention and support. <>  – Keeping children & parents in contact since 1974. <>  – Supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse. <>  – A unique progressive educational movement for children and young people – both girls and boys.

“It is a rare breed of human who can blend a free spirit, a decisive nature, a deep respect for life, love for adventure, and an uncompromising sense of integrity into human happiness and being. Such individuals hear the heartbeat of wholeness.”

“Recognizing that the child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding” Convention on the Rights of the Child

A child who is separated from one or both parents is entitled to “maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis, except if it is contrary to the child’s best interests” (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989, Article 9)


8.      From;

Chris Hawkins – UK – Gloucestershire

I know from my own experience that the stress and anger of our predicament means that eventually it takes its toll and no doubt your medical say the same as mine avoid stress. Ha ha I am still as anger as I was seven years ago when my granddaughter was banned from having contact with my son and myself.

Take Care of yourself my friend regards Chris 


9.      From;

Mark Durstewitz – USA – NJ – Hawthorne – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09

Get some rest and heal.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


10.    FROM;

GEORGE ROLPH – UK – ENGLAND – London – BROMLEY – Signed Equal Pet. Mid 2009

It would be hard to come Jim but I can pray and shall.

God bless you Bro and all who you love.



11.    From;

Teri Stoddard – USA – CA – On Ration Shed – Signed Equal Pet.

Stay strong Jim.  And put yourself first.


Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

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12.    From;

Lance Broughton – NZ – Wellington – Lower Hutt

Had myself a treble bypass three years ago.  I woke up in hospital and there it was done. WINZ accused me of having a heart attack so I could cheat the system and they wondered why I called them corrupt. 

Lance Broughton <> <;


13.    From;

Michael Lermontov-Midgley – Australia – Where?

Jim – very best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.




14. From;

Peter Tromp – Netherlands – Utretch – DFC – Chair

Dear Jim,

Wishing you a most speedy recovery from your heart problems.

Stay strong,

Peter Tromp


P.s. The same happened to me last summer when I was brought in on IC in

the hospital, although I was medicated instead of operated.

We are all becoming of age I guess and the years of stress and sadness

on behalf of our children behind us start kicking in and are starting to



15.    From;

Tom Cotter – NZ – North Shore City – Birkdale

Jim you will have our prayers and all the best for the season.rgds TC


16.    From;

Chris Bishop – NZ – Wellington – Hataitai – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09

Hi Jim, we’ve only met once; in Wellington; however I get your emails and admire your work. I’m sorry to hear of your heart problems. I will meditate/pray for you. Chris.


17.    From;

Rex McCann – Kerry Atma – NZ – Waitakere City – Essentially Men

Hi Jim

Good to hear that you’re out of hospital – I hope your health and heart lend you firm support in he coming year.


Kerry Atma

ph 09 376 2386 <;

Essentially Men Education Trust

13 Maidstone Street

Ponsonby, Auckland


18.    From;

John & Margaret Ranson – NZ – Northland – Mangawhai Heads

Hi Jim

Have prayed for you. Asking for a smooth efficient recovery.

Remember that time you came walking with Vanessa and myself, I recall you did make it easier walking for yourself.

When I am in Auckland I may be able to squeeze in a visit to North Shore Hospital Ward 3/B/2. Yes, when I am down there I have a number of tasks to address. You know what it is like, that is “I am here for 10 hours and 9 – example – tasks, then back to Mangawhai Heads.”

Going back to our faith and obedience the link we always have is pray. We can be driving and yes when appropriate can pray, once in a while we need to pray, and do pray.

If I am at home in the bible often I read and I am there to understand :

John 5 : 19 to 29          The Authority of the Son

               30 to 47           Witnesses to Jesus

John 6 : 60 to 71          The Words of Eternal Life

John 7 : 1 to 9              The Unbelief of Jesus’ Brothers

                37 to 39          Rivers of Living Water

John 8 : 12 to 20          Jesus the Light of the World

               31 to 38           True Disciples

John 10 : 1 to 21          Jesus the Good Shepherd

I have copied Nancy Sirisena as when I am in Auckland for the cell group I offer to cover this with them.

All the best Jim, and if there are any changes with dates in ward please advise.

God bless

John R


19.    From;

Ken Thompson – Australia

Hi Jim.

I’m sorry to hear you are unwell.

PLEASE take some time to look after yourself. The issues we’re dealing with are very damaging emotionally and physically. If we succumb to these the enemy wins.

There are many people out here who are willing to share the burden of the battles we are all fighting.

Our warriors are precious.



Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

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20.    From;

Mark Shipman – (Westie Boy) – NZ – Waitakere City

Hi Jim,

I was going to send you a “naughty” Christmas wish which included a picture of some lovely young ladies, but best not stress your heart like that J

You are in my thoughts and prayers. He can certainly test us at times.

I know you will come out the other side of His test with both your dignity and your integrity.

Javan may be another of His tests as Javan finds his place in the world as he becomes a young Man. Your part in the test will be to show him how a good Man behaves and carries himself even in the face of adversity.

All our best wishes for Christmas – may you be blessed with health, joy and bounty in the year to come.

Kia kaha,

Mark Shipman


21. From;

Mark Bourne – Australia – SA – Adelaide – On Ration Shed – Signed Equal Pet.

I heard some one from above say once- I was on a mountain looking up to the

heavens and this great loud voice boomed – ‘ Medication is OK if it can be

taken with Speights Dark.’ ……… so I guess if this true, you are in


As we get older we can’t process food like we used to, so as the previous

emails concerning food suggest, start listening to your stomach.

China Study read pages 126 – 129 to find experiments by  Dr. Esselstyn as a


Then 321 —  and the picture will become clearer, not only in medicine but

how we are all victims in many ways and will be until greed slowly gives way

to compassion.

Then tell your son you are hear to haunt him until common sense reigns !!!

Kids need direction. They know it and they look for it AND they can only get

from pushing the barriers with the ones they trust, so don’t think of it as

fighting, rather educating !!

If the system could afford to lose good men like you, yours would be one of

dozens of good groups, not just one or so.

Rgds Mark and Rosie and hope you have a safe and happy Christmas.


22.    From;

Lloyd Roberton – Australia

Greetings Jim…obviously my prayers and best wishes to you…a quick note and suggestion for reflux med…I like you suffered with the dreaded malaise and had to put up with the liquid version of mylanta [gaviscon] until a friend of mine suggested I get the doctor to prescribe Pariet [1 tab a day] the best thing ever…I asked my doctor why she had not prescribed this years ago…she said it is the next step up…I said how long before I [in her thinking]  would have been ready for the next step up?…ask your GP for the medicine no side effects and it eliminated the blasted night time reflux completely…kind regards Lloyd Roberton PS and no more aaarrrggg gaviscon


23.    From;

Uma Challa – India – Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad – Signed Equal Pet. Mid 2009

Dear Jim.

I hope you get well soon. Please take care!

Warm regards



24.    From;

Gale White – USA – MA – New Bedfiord – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09

my prayers are w/you my friend.  

rest easy we are here for you when your ready.


25.    From;

Chris Hawkins – UK – Gloucestershire

I know from my own experience that the stress and anger of our predicament

means that eventually it takes its toll and no doubt your medical say the

same as mine avoid stress. Ha ha I am still as anger as I was seven years

ago when my granddaughter was banned from having contact with my son and


Take Care of yourself my friend regards Chris


26. From;

Hey Jim,

Sad to see you hurting and your son….good to know there is hope. There are still many of us out there who haven’t had one day to spend with our kids and all we have to look back at are the years going by and the memories we never shared with them. If only someone would open their eyes and show them what it means to live each day without your child by your side, if only they knew or understood what it tastes like to swallow all the tears, to watch another birthday go by, another christmas dissapear into thin air, to wake up and see it all gone by…

Jim there just are no words to frame what you mean to all of us, it wouldn’t be enough, when we stand agaisnt the winds of winter, the scorn of the corrupt family court systems throughout the world ravishing the lives of all our children, while pretending to act in their best interest. It makes one realize how vile and despicable their actions really are. When one wonders a child sitting on the floor, there, playing with their imaginary dad, pretending to be happy, while deep inside this incredible mountain of pain slowly tears them apart from the inside out. Jim it’s no wonder why fatherless children often turn to drugs, alcohol, crime like so many of us have…because just like that child, we too, were once torn upside down when we saw our mums and dads, shaken emotionaly,… too unable to understand the gravity of their actions as they tore our families apart and we became the victims of their youthfull lusts, indiscriminate indiscretions, and the paraylizing effects of their

stubborn pride. Which some of us sadly have inherited…

When I think of you Big Jim I think of that dad I never had, the one that should of been there for me, could have turned out differently…I have learned to live with loss, with silence, and solitude…

Am letting you know ahead of time that you will be greatly missed because, from where I stand I don’t think there is anyone out there big enough to wear your boots, tough enough to fight the good fight like you have, and they all think that they can fill your shoes… are the man, Big Jim!

I don’t know if anyone heard your words, or felt your pain or even understood what it’s like to have the illness you have been through…

For some reason Almighty God is keeping you around for good things, perhaps it’s to shine your light of hope, encouragemnet, and brotherhood in a time when what we see with our eyes is so incredibly unbelieveable. Thank you for being there for us Big Jim,  may you have a jolly and merry Christmas and New years…and may Almighty God continue to Bless You and yours! ONWARD IN SUPPORT OF A FATHERS COALITION, EQUAL PARENTING AND CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL FATHERS!



27.    From;

Christina Illsley – USA – Montana – Great Falls – Signed Equal Pet. Feb09

My prayers are with you


28.    From;

Brian Gerrish – UK – Where

Prayers from us in England – British Constitution Group and the UKColumn. Get better soon …we need you in the fight. Kind regards Brian G


29.    From; <> 

Trust you will be well soon.  With these stresses and strains the body also takes its toll.  Even children who fight back need to know their parents never gave up on them. 

I advice parents to make a treasure box and put presents, letters and memory moments sharing their life events with their children as that is often what children once they grow in wisdom search for and hold onto


30.    From;

Chuck Kristianson – Canada – Alberta

Good luck with things Jim, my Prayers are with you.


31.    From;

Judith Hitchin – UK – Signed Equal Pet. Mid 2009

Dear Jim,

As usual I’m behind in responding to my e-mails.  If I had known from the title of the e-mail that you were having such a rotten time at such a ‘family’ time of year, I would have responded much sooner.

Family, Jim, are an enigma to me.  The eldest of five, I refuse to speak to any of my siblings.  I am my Mother’s carer, but one would hardly call that a bed of roses.

We muddle along, and that is about all one can say.  I mention this only to show that family life is rarely smooth, and in my case, never has been.  I suspect other families are in the same position but cover the cracks more successfully.

I do hope you have someone special to spend Christmas with at least for part of the festivities.

Will be thinking of you.  Christmas is a special time in the year when we all expect to be sharing something with someone special.  I’m sure you have done all you can for your son so I will hope that he sees the light and your Christmas is special once more.

Kindest regards and Season’s Greetings.

Judith Hitchin


Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

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32.    From;

Bob Hewitt – NZ – Hamilton East – Fairfield

Hi Jim

Get better soon Jim.

Praying for you Jim.

God Bless.



33.    From;

Paul Clark – USA – AZ – Cibola

Frankly if the people of new Zealand and Australia are going to let their governments get away with taking their guns, I seriously doubt there is anyone there worth saving. If there are any they would beable to take up such weapons as cane kinves, boomerangs, bolos, blow guns cross bows or bows and arrows and get some of those fire arms back. do any of you really think your votes will accomplish anything now that you have little if any way to make them count? I am an American and I can tell you if they come for my guns they will eventually get them but the guns will be warm and empty and I will be dead. I can not believe that the ausies I knew in vietnam would tollerate giving up their guns. do not ask me why your government gets away with this crap, because you let them, is the answer.  


34. From;

Alan Candy – NZ – Auck City – Chair – MCNS

Hi Jim,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been in Hospital.  Your (heart) symptoms make no

secret of your troubled heart, and the pain we have all suffered.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with Javan. I have similar troubles

with Joshua.  They have both been corrupted by the regime…

Of course, what is happening here is just a more refined version of the

Holocaust.  Why did millions of Jews just “allow” themselves to be

degraded, gassed or shot, and dumped or burned?  It’s the same thing all

over again, except by much more insidious process.

As for time to purge the leadership – what leadership?  How can we purge

what we do not have?

Or, who do you see as “our” leaders?  Are you not one, yourself?

What are you proposing?

Be well!



35.    From;

Larry Broyer – USA – Where?

I don’t live there, but here, the people, are ready.

Going after the head of the snake.


36.    From;

Sandon Keable – Australia – Qld – Brisbane

I am sorry to say Jim but i think the only way we will ever get our rights back is to destroy the corrupt criminals who call themselves lawyers judges and in the best interests of children. I mean full scale war to disempower them idiots.

I was one of those children left for dead and now my adult life has been turned upsidedown from all the mental torment imposed by such nasty minds. You guessed now i have no relationship with my mother who abused me. No relationship with my father and the stress you could say has caused me great hardship with my relationships with women. Now i don’t see my children at all. All this is against equal human rights. Sexism at its worst and it just doesn’t stop there. How about me being classed as a racist for calling a black man black when he can then turn around and call me white without ridicule. As far as I knew i went to school with many black friends but now we are all divided. Child support are criminals Politicians are criminals. Lawyers and judges are criminals and while we let them stay in power without forceful eviction they will always rule. They most likely have there own system and any votes by the public are just a front. In essence a vote is not a vote. It is a forceful choice between a select few that none i would ever see lead this country. I am actually from Australia Jim so i can’t do anything for your country but then again solely i can’t do anything for mine neither. Full scale war is our only hope now, i believe that because nothing else has worked, will work or is going to work while we try to play fair against people who cheat the system us and everybody on the planet. So much for the UN and the Geneva Convention. There is no equality and all the criminals who do this unto us if following there own laws could be sued for trillions and dismembered from the bar and society for thier crimes against men. Noone has the right to take away my children. They came from inside me too. They are a piece of me and no other person. I do not care how much authority they think they have, have no right to anything at all with my children. They are no better then me and do not have the right to tell me what to do with anything really. We were all born under the eyes of god, not them. The bible says we are born equal not under there rule. I believe the earth will end one day due to a massive war, where the people who think they are in power will lose their lives at the hands of innocent people who have had enough of there bullshit. Laws are meant to keep things equal fair and safe not to disempower our souls. It is wrong when a person can commit murder and then get of with a technicality. Then someone who made a minor mistake gets life. Over here we have had the stolen generation where Aboriginal children were taken from there families. Well i say all men live in the stolen generation of there own children. No justice is brought around for that though. Like you i see men betraying men but honestly you would have to be a fool if you didn’t believe that there be any other reason then money. Money over love. They will get theirs in the end. What goes around comes around. Laws are made up to suit themselves and not the general public like it should be. Hence, if i want to go to court and speak in my tongue, that is my choice and no law should tell me to speak there way. Words can mean the same. Since this is not the case, we then have another law suit right there. I am denied my way of speaking suit 1. I was never taught the correct speaking in a compulsory schooling system thereby seen to speak gibberish if in court suit 2. All there laws are illegal and they know it.

Sandon Keable


37.    From;

Mitch Milo – Intrepid – USA – HN – On Ration Shed

We have allowed this to happen because of an inability to cooperate, be constructive and be serious in how much of a workload is necessary for all to undertake.

This has been both self-inflicted and brought about by social engineering in: education, Hollywood, media, music, drugs(legal & illegal) and in false forms of manhood which connect doing it your way as what men do only.

Men cooperate better than women in real terms, but instead we use the excuse of others not having our frame of the world and use this not to give & take in real terms. We have failed and will continue to fail until some men overcome this huge elephant in the room and no amount of changing of topics or chit chat (with no back up in action) will fix this. We are doomed unless we can overcome this curse brought on us by the powers at be. This problem is worldwide and is not simply a New Zealand problem.

I have seen men of the older generation do the opposite and have seen men in other culture successful overcome this. Examples are found in Taiwan and Korea where roll back has occured due to cooperation(give & take), constructiveness and seriousness. Japanese men are at present trying to copy the Taiwanese effort and have contacted then in an effort to learn more of their methods. In the English speaking world we are all inner, narrow and rigid so far. I have found a handful of men who will work in different countries, but have yet to find as many as the Taiwanese or Japanese branches have. All the other men I have met are no different than those you all have likely met in your efforts.


Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

Go <> 

38.    From;

GEORGE ROLPH – UK – ENGLAND – London – BROMLEY – Signed Equal Pet. Mid 2009

Hi Jim

You are raising some important questions and they need honest answers but these answers must not be published on the Internet and neither should your questions be. There is no point in revealing our hand to our enemies. We must be wiser than that.



39.    From;

James Pierce Whinston – USA – OR – Portland – Kids need both Parents

Dear Jim B Warrior,

          I run a group in Portland, Oregon, USA called Kids Need Both Parents, and have been in the movement for decades.    We have distributed about 80,000 “Kids Need Both Parents” bumper stickers, and they have been extremely well received.     One sticker on a car will be seen by thousands of people a year.     Judges, lawyers, mediators, evaluators, politicians, bureaucrats, etc, see them, too.     They help to create a new political wind.

          I am emailing you in response to your email below.     I commend your work and passion greatly.    As you have probably found, we need many more people like you to help out, in all sorts of ways and roles.      Thousands more.     We need more people, as this is a very, very hard issue.     We need more people to get involved.     We need more floats in the parade.     I can tell that you are trying to do that, and commend you greatly.

          Here is my concern for you:    I have found that it is important not to blame or appear to blame men and fathers, as otherwise the few people who do volunteer to help out will maybe quit.     No one steps forward to volunteer, a form of God’s work, to find themselves to be blamed or criticized.     Said another way, each volunteer is a godsend, to be cherished, and it is important to let them know that, and view them that way.     It is the people who do not help out who are the problem.     Please keep this in mind as you motivate people to become involved.      Thank you very much for considering this.     We need all of the helpers that we can get, in this very difficult issue.

          Thank you again for all of the great work that you are doing on behalf of helping the children to have two parents involved in their lives.      Take care, Jim Whinston


40.    From;

Stephen Gee – NZXNow – S. Korea – Chugcheonnamido – Hongseong

Hi Jim,

thanks for being such a staunch advocate for social justice in NZ.

It gives me heart that one day I’ll be able to safely return to NZ and take my place as the wonderful kind-hearted generous man I am known here as.

Until then I’m avoiding the place like the plague. Still licking the wounds after all these years!

However, my ESL teaching career means that I can now travel the globe spreading the word on the self serving and vile NZ feminist scams instigated at the cost of men and by extension everyone.

I was passing on cogent statistics on men’s health situation in the 80s as a Mental Health Lecturer at Green Lane Mental Health Training Services.

I was young and quite naive though, so forgive myself and chalk it up to learning and maturing.

At least I gave them a fresh perspective showing them videos of Warren Farrel’s NZ lecture.

Guest speakers where Kiri Warburton, Bob Harvey, Warwick Pudney and Brian Matheson (all great presenters who drilled home the same message – that NZ men were in very bad shape health wise.)

After three days of this stuff the workshop participants were gung ho for saving men, and by extension creating a better, humane, more civilised corner of the planet.

People listened and even way back then, when feminism in NZ was at a collective hysterical zenith I sensed they got the message with compassion.

They would then go out as health professionals and save the men of NZ.

Too bad that I hadn’t figured out by then that I was just providing another more robust ambulance at the bottom of the cliff rather than staunching the carnage of men and of family in NZ at it’s source.

I agree wholeheartedly that it’s time for a civilized purge of the NZ Mens Movement, for as you astutely point it they have failed abjectly to defend men from an onslaught of misandric behavior which I began to feel in the early 80s.

So to the business of naming names then…………

Neville Robertson, Wendy Drewery and the whole Women’s Studies Department circa 1981 pushed forward a radical feminist agenda which basically demonised men and academically

I went to a few Women’s Studies tutorials (Hate-ins i now call them) and was shocked and appalled at the anti male bigotry there.

They’ve made an absolute mint in the process too, not just in lecure theatres and tutorial rooms, but by selling themselves out as ‘advisors’ writing ‘reports’ to government and was used to legitimise the whole Clarke anti male Labour steamroller.

Reece Helmondollar who needs to stop smoking so much weed, get his head screwed back on again, return from his roots in 1970’s USA where he’s mentally stuck and coming to grips with the world as it is, not as he was sold it by the feminist wave which swept him up as a young and naive man way back then.

More to come later.

Warmest regards,

Stephen Gee


41.    From;

Kevin Crump – NZ – Otago – Dunedin

Hi Jim

Thanks for your email.

It is especially at this time of year my heart goes out to you too.  Like you I too am a Dad robbed of my kids, robbed of money and robbed of justice.

I like the points you make because they are all valid.  Not all men have given up, sometimes though there is very little we can do except what the early Christians did for each other when they too were under persecution and that is to offer words of support and empathy and sympathy.  It is so good to know that you are a Christian and that you too are looking at the situation from a Christian perspective. 

We are living in a time of stupidity.  The Bible tells us that a time will come when bad things will happen in the world and the hearts of many will grow cold etc etc.  That time could happen at any time, but it is certainly happening today.  Our administrators are drunk on power.  They have no intention of doing what is right.  They are arrogant and don’t believe in God nor do they plan for having to stand before God one day.  We aren’t like that and hence it is such a shock to us when we see people living stupidly for the simple pleasures of today.  They are fools living in a “fools paradise”.

As for those out there who claim to have studied “Law”, you and I know that they have never studied Law but have rather only done the “Pissy Little Course In ‘Kiwi’ Rules”.  Sadly the congregations of people who claim to be a part of God’s church are losers   ……   they are a waste of time  ……   they don’t mean business with God and God’s ways of doing things   ……    and they will be judged accordingly.


Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

Go <> 

42.    From;

Nora Bennis – Ireland – Where?

Lack of funding is a major problem.  Most of the “controlled” groups (both men’s and women’s) are heavily funded by the state (read taxpayers).  This is an injustice.   Taxpayers haven’t a clue how their hard-earned money is being abused by power-hungry politicians who would sell their souls for power.  Isn’t it time to tell the taxpayers?  Isn’t it time to offer them a real alternative, one that will fully respect the God-given fundamental rights of all? 

Nora Bennis


43.    From;

Carol Slattery – Australia – NSW – Sydney – Secretary – FLRA

Good luck Jim from the members of FLRA in Sydney.

Kind regards

Coral Slattery



44.    From;

Maggie Tuttle – UK – England – Essex – Southend-On-Sea – On Ration Shed – Signed Equal Pet.

Hello Jim,

As you know I have been off line for a few months, so here we are back today, and so sad to hear you are not well, so you have all the wishes in the world for Christmas and the new year for a speedy recovery, please keep me up dated, remember you are so important we all need you out here.

god bless

Maggie, xx


45.    Further comment from;

Nora Bennis – Ireland – Where?

 In my opinion, men’s (and women’s) movements worldwide have failed their Families, because, while they criticize governments, they fail to offer the electorate a credible political alternative.   The world is crying out for men and women who are not afraid to get involved in Party politics – setting up new Parties if necessary – and promote policies that will restore the God-given fundamental rights of all.   

Nora Bennis, (Ireland).


46. From;

Paul Sumners – USA – Alabama – Birmingham – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09

Dear Santa,

There are many things that I want for Christmas and none of them have

to do with presents. I wonder how many daddys there are out there like

me that really can not even afford Christmas at all this year. I

wonder how many fathers are missing their children with so many that

have not seen their children in years. Do your elves actually make a

present that is big enough to fill a hole in a heart?

Can this time of such excitment really mean as much to a grownup as it

does to all the children of the world. Can it actually matter that one

day these same children could possibly have to endure the struggles

and opression that their fathers knew.

O dear Santa this year I ask for a great big bundle of strength filled

less with fear and more with hope and arms long enough to hug every

daddy around the world that need it more than I. I know you are a busy

man Santa but I do appreciate what you do to help all daddys


May God Be with you and me and them!


Anna and Ethans daddy!


47.    From;

MP – USA – Tennessee – Knoxville – Rep – Stacey Campfield

Get well soon.

Stacey Campfield


Heaps more on FaceBook and PLAXO

There is HOPE

Ration Shed Founder

And supporting a father’s coalition

Onward – Together – Jim – JimBWarrior

jimbwarrior@vodafone… <> 

NZ Mobile – 027-429-0055 <>  

Original Email below

Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

Go <> 

Jim’s forced Mull -/- Ponder; is asking, why the so called NZ Mens Movement is failing its FAMILIES?

–       Why have we allowed 400,000 of our Kids (Over a third) to be drawn away from their own DADS?

–       Why have we allowed the Labour and now National Members of Parliament to promote those who destroy our FAMILIES in Law and Social Policy?

–       Why have we not supported those who suffer the Injustices discovered in so called FAMILY Law and Social Policy?

–       Why have we allowed Men to take the blame for Womens failings and violence?

–       Why have we NO power to strengthen and grow our **Whole NATURAL Biological FAMILIES**, Mum, Dad, the Kids and ALL 4 Grand’s?

–       Why can the Senior FAMILY Court Judge admit that his colleagues MURDER Parents who value their Children and get away with it?

–       Why can Bureaucrats abuse their discretionary power over FAMILIES and those who love them and get away with it?

PLEASE add to my suggestions below;

*      We have put other gods before the God of the Bible.

*      The majority of so called CHRISTian Churches have failed the Paternal FAMILY and thus ALL FAMILIES.

*      Women who claim to know Men and feed back to the FemiNazi have been promoted by Men.

*      Men who have seemingly been successful in academia and business who are effected by FemiNazi during their education and formative years have been promoted by Men thus creating mostly Blind Arrogant, Traitorous, LEADERSHIP.

*      The majority of Men are not being heard by Men – Men in the street, Men busking, Men bringing up Families, Men suffering the results of injustice, Men that have lost their way and sleeping under/on park benches.

*      Most of the main so called Men’s groups are controlled by gatekeepers that are guilty and thus maintain the above.

Your thoughts @ Ration Shed (Those Rationed of FAMILY)

Go <> 

Time to purge the leadership of the so called NZ Mens Movement.

Ration Shed Founder

And supporting a father’s coalition

Onward – Together – Jim – JimBWarrior <> 

NZ Mobile – 027-429-0055 <;


2 Responses to Some of the GLOBAL – Responces to Jims forced ponder – The collective Wisdom and concern for each other renders me humbled and hopeful

  1. Darryl Ward says:

    Jim, you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.


    Which side of D-Ward does one trust? – JimBWarrior

    From: Darryl Ward []
    Sent: Tuesday, 2 February 2010 12:12 a.m.
    To: Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior
    Subject: Re: NZ – Govt wilfully destroys FAMILIES inducing suicide notes like THESE, while Mens Groups offer idle – idol muttering, group hugs, and gateKept protection for those needing purging.

    Dear Jim

    I have mentioned on a number of occasions that I do not wish to be on this list.

    If I receive any more of these I will be laying a complaint with Internal Affairs.

    Please remove me from your list mailing list.

    I don’t like spam.

    Many thanks.


  2. alastair says:

    Jim my best wishes for a speedy recovery. We may not see eye to eye however our end goal is the same. If you stumble I must pick you up. Each time you fall you shall rise again and woe to the wicked.

    Good health Jim, you are in my prayers.

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