Jim’s Forced Mull – Ponder


I am **WAS**  in North Shore Hospital Ward 3 / B / 2

**SEE UPDATES IN COMMENTS BELOW and many more on the Egroup GO – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rationshed/messages **

I am having Heart and Reflux Maintenance

Could be off air till after CHRISTmas as they may go to Open Heart Surgery

Come visit if poss.

Txt me 027-429-0055

Onward – Together – Jim


11 Responses to Jim’s Forced Mull – Ponder

  1. LK says:

    Good luck Jim. Get better quickly.

  2. jimbwarrior says:


    After a week in hospital they have sent me home with much adjusted medication – Could not stent the 6 damaged area’s but not bad enough to warrant bi-passes – The original repairs done some 9 years back are now redundant as the heart has created its own bi-pass although not the most efficient – Basically they have done what they can to make me comfortable and to create the best self healing options that will progress with my help.

    I will be closely monitored by the senior Heart Surgeon himself, Dr Hart for some time, encouraged to eat appropriately and attended special Cardiac exercise classes.

    The reflux hassles will be further attended to via out Patients – I am now one 80mg’s of Omeprazole a day and as much Mylanta as required – Seems to be OK

    The stress of fighting for my Son who is now fighting me has taken its toll as will continue to happen on a World-Wide scale until those who value the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** stand together to rid us of the ANTI-Brigade.

    The way ahead for me personally is not clear but it does mean quite a few lifestyle changes including much less time on the computer, street work and letter writing in fight mode.

    So called Child Support seemed to have backed off and I am now only being forced to fund the destruction of our FAMILIES by about $15-00 a week – More on that as there self progressing and confusing letters unfold.

    Weather I wind back the many actions of Ration Shed or simply build and share many of the tasks I don’t know.

    Its clear there are many getting involved GLOBALLY to fight the injustices and I can see great steps ahead here in NZ so maybe my job you might say is done while Men and those who love them learn to take the task in hand effectively

    I know for me the ponder continues

    Onward – Together – Jim

    • gale white says:

      my prayers are w/you my friend.
      rest easy we are here for you when your ready.

      • jimbwarrior says:

        Thanks to ALL for your wonderful encouragement – I come out of Hospital pain free so far for the first time in many years – We will see as I put the pressure on with their guidance.

        Onward – Together – Jim

    • Anne-Marie says:

      Trust you will be well soon. With these stresses and strains the body also takes its toll. Even children who fight back need to know their parents never gave up on them.

      I advice parents to make a treaure box and put presents, letters and memory moments sharing their life events with their children as that is often what children once they grow in wisdom search for and hold onto

      • jimbwarrior says:

        Right-On Anne-Marie

        I have a wall in my lounge that’s covered in FAMILY memories from my Great-Great Grand Parents all the way down to my Son, Javan who has by far the most space.

        Its all his when and if he begins to value it

        Onward – Together – Jim

  3. Murdoch says:

    Best wishes. May good health be yours again soon.

  4. Ken Thompson says:

    Hi Jim.

    I’m sorry to hear you are unwell.

    PLEASE take some time to look after yourself. The issues we’re dealing with are very damaging emotionally and physically. If we succumb to these the enemy wins.

    There are many people out here who are willing to share the burden of the battles we are all fighting.

    Our warriors are precious.


  5. May He bless you and keep you safe

  6. JR says:

    Hey Jim,

    Sad to see you hurting and your son….good to know there is hope. There are still many of us out there who haven’t had one day to spend with our kids and all we have to look back at are the years going by and the memories we never shared with them. If only someone would open their eyes and show them what it means to live each day without your child by your side, if only they knew or understood what it tastes like to swallow all the tears, to watch another birthday go by, another christmas dissapear into thin air, to wake up and see it all gone by…
    Jim there just are no words to frame what you mean to all of us, it wouldn’t be enough, when we stand agaisnt the winds of winter, the scorn of the corrupt family court systems throughout the world ravishing the lives of all our children, while pretending to act in their best interest. It makes one realize how vile and despicable their actions really are. When one wonders a child sitting on the floor, there, playing with their imaginary dad, pretending to be happy, while deep inside this incredible mountain of pain slowly tears them apart from the inside out. Jim it’s no wonder why fatherless children often turn to drugs, alcohol, crime like so many of us have…because just like that child, we too, were once torn upside down when we saw our mums and dads, shaken emotionaly,… too unable to understand the gravity of their actions as they tore our families apart and we became the victims of their youthfull lusts, indiscriminate indiscretions, and the paraylizing effects of their stubborn pride. Which some of us sadly have inherited…
    When I think of you Big Jim I think of that dad I never had, the one that should of been there for me, could have turned out differently…I have learned to live with loss, with silence, and solitude…
    Am letting you know ahead of time that you will be greatly missed because, from where I stand I don’t think there is anyone out there big enough to wear your boots, tough enough to fight the good fight like you have, and they all think that they can fill your shoes…..you are the man, Big Jim!
    I don’t know if anyone heard your words, or felt your pain or even understood what it’s like to have the illness you have been through…
    For some reason Almighty God is keeping you around for good things, perhaps it’s to shine your light of hope, encouragemnet, and brotherhood in a time when what we see with our eyes is so incredibly unbelieveable. Thank you for being there for us Big Jim, may you have a jolly and merry Christmas and New years…and may Almighty God continue to Bless You and yours! ONWARD IN SUPPORT OF A FATHERS COALITION, EQUAL PARENTING AND CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL FATHERS!


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