UK – CSA Hell – No money for Christmas and CSA do not care

CSA Hell


No money for Christmas and CSA do not carePosted: 05 Dec 2009 11:29 PM PST

I am the parent with care (mum) of a 12-year-old girl. I have had a really bad deal with the CSA. Firstly, when I filled out my initial paperwork back in 1999, it was on a form that was 2 years out of date which applied to old legation. They then proceeded to keep up the pretence that they would be reviewing my cases every 2 years (which was stopped in 2000). This resulted in my case not being reviewed from 2001 to November 2006 unbeknown to me. I was also told that they would only review if I had fresh information (proof), which I took to them in November 2006.

The long and the short is I have a POS decision on something that does not in any way resemble my original complain, which was not upheld. It also states that the CSA or whatever they are now calling themselves do not under their legislation have to inform any of their clients of any changes to their legislation. Also, the only place you can find out the changes are from them, through leaflet requests.

This begs the question, if you don’t know there are changes, how can you request the correct leaflet to tell you about these changes? Also, the latest is they put a deduction of earnings order on my ex-husbands employer for arrears with the wrong reference number. September and Octobers payments arrived on11.11.09. Novembers still hasn’t surfaced (quoting 7 days over a week ago).

They refuse to tell me if December’s payment is showing on their system as my ex-husbands employer deducts at the end of one month to payout in the middle of the next (the CSA date I should get the maintenance). They gave me a fax number this morning as a valid number to speak to a manager, when I phoned back they told me that they would get “someone” to phone me the afternoon as the guy I have been dealing with is off for a few days (you would thing that they could come up with a better lie than that one).

In the words of the CSA “you should not rely on this money”.

They are universally crap. Oh, and POS have threatened me with litigation if I publish their report even all though the only party that is identifiable within it is me. In the mean time my daughter and I will happy go along living on fresh air.


P.S because of the CSA my finances are in a mess e.g. mortgage payments, no Christmas presents etc etc


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