UK – CSA Hell – CSA tried to have me arrested

CSA Hell


CSA tried to have me arrested

Posted: 02 Dec 2009 05:59 AM PST

This morning, very early, my wife opened the door to several policemen, and an agressive man from the CSA. It was about an ex-employee of my business who has FULLY PAID his dues, but now runs his own business and is self employed (he works for me on an ad hoc basis 2 or 3 days a week when needed, but has several other regular customers).

The warrent was for my arrest and the charge was for an alleged FRAUD as they thought I was complicit in him becoming self-employed! There were 4 cars, 2 police and 2 ‘unmarked’cars containing up to 16 thugs, who were ready for me, 60-years old and disabled, in case I did a runner or fought them off!

After a discussion the embarassed group went away to arrest my ex-employee instead, who has done NOTHING WRONG as he has fully paid his dues to the CSA.

So who pays for this cock-up? It must have cost £10k and the whole village knows that I was to be arrested for frauid as they went to the wrong house to start with, and told the family who told the postman etc.

I have been slandered by this group of thugs who simply had not bothered to ask any questions or done any homework first, but blundered their way into my life.

They even invited the Daily Mail to photograph me being arrested!!! Do we live in a police state? DEFINITELY. Would they send a team like this if I had been burgled? NO WAY! WHO DO I COMPLAIN TO???


Information Commissioners office to investigate the CSA

Posted: 01 Dec 2009 11:55 PM PST

i have been fighting and it is fighting the CSA since 2004 , i have had the Independant Case Examiner carry out 2 investigations and upheld on both complaints, but yet the CSA are still taking money on a attachment of earnings for a arrears amount they can not explain.

in 2005 my arrears were 17k and i fought to get the down to 1k , suddenly they went to 4k and another attachment of earnings was put in place when i complained i wanted a breakdown of figures. the CSA refuse to write correspond to me in every way.

I have had the Information Commissioners office investigate the CSA for failing to send me my data under the date protection act, and then when i got my data i found someone else’s data in with mine.i have mailed my MP more times that i can think. Basically the CSA have been given powers that can not be controlled by anyone , their web site says they are independent from the Government .

I have applied for a job with CMEC , the job entails re structuring the CSA to carry out its duties under the reform of CMEC. If i am fortunate to get an interview i would ensure i get the job by filling in my name wrong , putting my address details incorrect and constantly muttering through the interview that “its nothing to do with me and my boss is un available at this moment and will call you back” .

My girl friend seems to think the CSA could do with some one spitting out from the organisation rather than spitting in.good luck with you case.I will let you know how my case is going and if the CSA will eventually admit defeat(i reckon if i can get one of the 40 MPs i email every 2 weeks to take one the CSA then i have a chance) i also hear Australia is nice as a new place to set up home.



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