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Iain Duncan Smith (I.D.S) has got his work cut out over the issue and the feminists inside the Labour Party and the media are already revealing their battle plans to scupper his initiatives on the family. It will take a lot of guts for see this issue through to the end but it will also take Cameron and the rest of the front bench to come out strongly and support him. The question is, do they have what it takes to face the storm of a carefully worked out left wing smear campaign which will undoubtedly come?

In this ( ) revealing interview Polly Toynbee, the feminist attack dog from the Guardian was probing for weaknesses in IDS’s arguments while ducking the answers she does not like. It is what she ducks that IDS needs to focus on. Rest assured that the feminists fear this policy more than any other because it is very powerful. Expect the full gamut of red herrings, lies, distorted statistics, emotional clap trap, personal insult, straw man arguments, obfuscation, psychological projection and so on from them.

Watching Toynbee at work it was interesting to note that she was intent on pushing the idea that if the Tory party take on IDS’s ideas they will be guilty of trying to interfere in peoples lives. This is clever because it is likely to go down well with Labour fools in the country and they can turn it into a mantra. However, it is also classical feminist projection. What she (and they) are doing with this tack is turning what THEY have done for fifty years on its head and then using it to accuse IDS. So, they created the divorce and tax/benefit laws that helped to create the anti marriage, anti family climate in the country. By doing this, they were systematically attacking marriage and the family as institutions and therefore, interfering in peoples lives, by creating the financial and social realities they will now claim support their arguments. At the same time as they were doing this, they were getting their half witted lefty mates in the media and entertainment world to excoriate the very idea of marriage by constantly portraying it in a negative light. This, of course, was Critical Theory and Frankfurt School techniques being put into practice. Again, indirectly and directly interfering in peoples perceptions of marriage and family life. That, of course, is the same as interfering in their lives. That these practises are carried out is well documented but for a quick overview go here:

What IDS needs to do in these debates is point out that the left have been interfering in marriage and family life for over fifty years and to the detriment of both. This will shoot down this line of attack because it is virtually impossible for them to claim it is not true and the preponderance of evidence that it IS true is massive. Understanding feminist techniques in debate is going to be crucial to overcoming them. In doing so, it is possible to expose what the feminists have been doing and if there is one thing they hate it is having the lies and tricks exposed. I fear only that IDS is too polite with these people and that he needs the support of his colleagues.

The feminist attack on the family has taken many guises. Among them, the redefinition of what a “family” is. By promoting alternative views and practises of “family” life, they sought to so weaken the traditional marriage that it would fall apart. In this they have, at least partially, succeeded. However, that success has brought with it some serious re-thinking on the part of some feminists. Notably, Germain Greer, in this country. Realising that what she helped to start has the potential to destroy our society altogether, she had done a long overdue U Turn on her earlier destructive views. Wendy McElroy makes this clear on her site here:

Quote: “Interestingly, another pioneer in woman’s liberation has felt the need to publish a second book to defend the concept of ‘family: namely, Germaine Greer. In the ’70s, Greer, with her outrageous behavior and shocking language, declared a guerrilla war against dependency on men.

Greer called for the revolutionary breakdown of sex roles. She encouraged women to be promiscuous and otherwise sexually adventurous. She claimed that women have no idea of how much men hate them. Greer recounted stories of gang rape and brutality, and seemed to consider such violence to be the norm between men and women. Her solution: women should refuse to marry. If they do marry, they should refuse be monogamous or to accept the ‘trappings’ of marriage such as the husband’s last name, a shared tax return, a wedding ring…. Equally, women should reject their role as consumers in a capitalist society.

Despite this gender rhetoric, however, Greer was not clear in her condemnation of the family. Nor was she unsympathetic to men, whom she considered to be fellow victims of the system. Instead, Greer wanted to replace the status quo with what she called an ‘organic family’.

In a later book, however, Greer forthrightly defends a more traditional version of the family. She accepts the idea that a husband, wife and children constitute the basic familial unit.”

All very good Germain, however, this should not let you off the hook for the damage you and your “sisters” did to us all to finally arrive at the truth that lay buried under your stupid and foolish communist/feminist rhetoric! Damage that will take a generation to repair.

As always with those who have communist leanings and sympathies, any who disagrees with their world view is labeled as mad. In the old Soviet Union this meant being packed off to mental homes. It is ironic (and deeply hypocritical) that one of the many feminist complaints about marriage was that the man had the power to sent his wife to a mad house.

“As for the women who wanted to become housewives, gender feminists made no effort to woo them toward a more liberated view. Quite the contrary. Such women were insulted as ‘sexual spittoons’ and their attachment to their families were seen as a sign of pathology.”

For years, feminists have been stoking up an artificial rage in women against men and in particular, husbands. By focusing on tiny everyday annoyances and building these up into a big deal, they have created in many women the feeling that men hate them and are out to destroy them. They set out to create a hatred where none existed by being hypercritical of men AND women. Men for setting out to “enslave” women and women for letting men do it. This astounding hate and sexism is apparently immune from prosecution because feminists have sold us the idea that sexism is a woman’s problem imposed by men. They have been given immunity in other areas also. The Vagina Monologues, a truly bizarre spectacle, has been promoting the idea of female rape of children as normal. Yet, not one prosecution had occurred. This is a measure of how we have allowed feminism to warp our sense of right and wrong and justice for ALL of our people.

In short. Feminism is a cancer in our society that MUST be cut out. It MUST be stopped and it MUST be stopped now! Women deserve better than than the madness feminism offers them and society deserves better than the madness feminism has brought. It is about time that feminism was exposed for what it really is and that tax payers money was withdrawn from these sick individuals so that their perverse view of our relationships is wiped from history and we can all get back to sanity. Reestablishing marriage and the family is one step in that direction and although I am not convinced that IDS has fully grasped the nature of the beast he is about to come into conflict with, he is going to need huge support to achieve even that first step.

My contribution to the marriage debate here:

George Rolph



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