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CSA Hell


How can I reduce my CSA payments?Posted: 28 Nov 2009 06:07 AM PST

I am in a stuation where I owe the secretary of state (through the CSA around £4500) I recognise this and have been paying not only the amount to the child but also I came to an agreement last year where I could pay the debt off over 4 years, this I could just about manage. In Jan 2009 the company I was working for went under and I was unemployed up until a month ago. My case has now been reassessed and the now have given me two choices, either get a deduction of earning of 40% or pay the debt off over 2 years.

Either way it would leave me and my family very very short, I can just about afford to pay the amount set out over the 4 years add to this I have after some years gained a great relationship with the child and the childs mother and have agreed to pay them directly.

It’s causing me and my familyme much stress, the CSA before were quite helpful but the new case worker and her boss are seeing things in black and white.

I’m not earning as much as before yet they want me to pay more.

CSA mistake means I will not get any moneyPosted: 28 Nov 2009 05:49 AM PST

I had a baby in march 2009. I first contacted the CSA in april and gave all my details and the dads.

I kept phoning and phoning to see what was happening and now its november and they have said there is a software error which means my claim cant be processed.

my claim has gone nowhere, it’s not on the computer system whatsoever and wont be they have told me i have to complain they said and then they will try to get it on the system.

they also said they cant get any money from my ex partner because its there mistake which menas for the last 7 months he will not have to pay a penny.

I am just so angry they say they go after absent parents but in my case they wont be until i have made a complaint then it might get dealt with.

Do I have to pay CSA for a one night stand?Posted: 27 Nov 2009 11:48 PM PST

Some 2 years ago I had a very druken 1 night stand with a girl I had never met before, I woke up in the morning and she and my wallet was missing! I kicked myself for days about this and couldnt beleive I had been robbed by a girl that seemed to be nice (maybe a bit rough).

18 MONTHS later after completely forgetting about this druken mistake the csa contacted me at work to say I was a father and would have to pay for a child I knew nothing about!

I have taken the DNA test and the child is mine, I have no clue who the mother is apart from the name on the form they sent me. This girl must have been planning to get pregnent and took my wallet as a way of tracking me if she feel pregnent, how can this be allowed to happen? Why should I pay for a child that has been made simply so the mother can have a life on benefits?

I have just had to tell the women I am in a relationship with and it has broken her heart as we have just found out she has cancer……………

The CSA do not care that I am now struggling to pay our bills on my own and are demanding I pay £240 per month. I feel like ending my life but need to try and be strong for my partner.

Does anyone have a way out for me, I’m desprate………….


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