NZ – Letter to local paper Re – Dame Margaret Bazley & Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier

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Hi Jim,

This is a letter I wrote for the local paper.

Our legal systems have taken a number of hits this month given the damning review by Dame Margaret Bazley “Transforming the Legal Aid System”.

It basically suggests some lawyers are incompetent and unscrupulous.

I would like to go one step further and say people who do not qualify for legal aid can also get shafted by lawyers which seem to have gone under the radar. That report also notes a “trend towards people adopting a “do it yourself” approach to legal representation” that “Self-representation is a growing trend in the Family Court…” Legal Aid can take to long to get it if you can, then getting any lawyer let alone a good one on them rates is another problem I have seen. I have had a lot to do with the family court and see how some lawyers milk the system. I would like to echo what Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier said in a speech on

19 November 2009, at St Mary’s Parish Hall, Blenheim CentralI feel for people that use our courts who eventually cannot cope and take their own lives. I am not only sad for them personally, but for the children they leave behind.”  Children themselves are also placed under immense misery throughout the legal systems processes, and often the most innocent, venerable and have the most to lose in all this.  The fact is I seen many lives and families destroyed in the family court, while some professionals cream it, at their expense.

Graeme Axford


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