NZ – Dame Margaret Bazley – Crooked Lawyers force review of Legal Aid – **Graeme Axton** – “do it yourself” approach to legal representation”

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From: Graeme Axford []
Sent: Saturday, 28 November 2009 11:08 a.m.
To: Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior
Subject: “do it yourself” approach to legal representation”

Hi Jim

I hope you see this little bit….

Title: Transforming the Legal Aid System: Final Report and Recommendations

Author: Legal Aid Review

Chairperson: Dame Margaret Bazley DNZM

Publisher: Ministry of Justice

Place of publication: Wellington

Date of publication: November 2009

ISBN: 978-0-478-29080-2

Contact agency: Legal Aid Review

c/o Ministry of Justice

PO Box 180


Page 14


There already appears to be a trend towards people adopting a “do it yourself” approach to legal representation, including taking advantage of online forms to prepare and file their own legal documents. While self-sufficiency is a laudable goal, legal representation can help ensure that people’s rights are protected, as the complexities in the legal system do not always lend themselves to “do it yourself” practices. Legal matters can be complex, and the involvement of experienced and competent lawyers can be of benefit to both parties and the court. Self-representation is a growing trend in the Family Court, and is causing problems for that court. It was raised as an issue by nearly every one of the family court judges and caseflow managers to whom I have spoken. This illustrates that changes to the legal aid system need to be considered within the justice system as a whole, particularly where they could result in more unrepresented litigants.


4 Responses to NZ – Dame Margaret Bazley – Crooked Lawyers force review of Legal Aid – **Graeme Axton** – “do it yourself” approach to legal representation”

  1. Clive Bush says:

    I have Doc’s requiring exposure to NZ legal aid review
    panel, I am located US and delayed in learning of the
    review. need to submit. anyone have an address??

  2. Clive Bush says:

    I’m seeking to expose the tragic consequences of funding
    a lying lawyer with taxpayer dollars

  3. Doug Burton says:

    Hi Everyone,
    It seems to me while many people live in the moment, others can and indeed do! waste the time of the people who are most in need.My youngest son Daniel suicided after waiting 11 years to see me, his Father and protector.While thinking of my Father who fought for this country near the bridge of remembrance and the loss of Daniel,I was assaulted by police, who have charged me with obstruction,resisting, and assault,even though I stayed civil throughout the ordeal, even while he the policeman was driving my face into the pavement with his elbow while forcing my left arm up my back.My right arm was pinned underneath me with my hand jamped in my throat peventing me from breathing.I was telling him I couldn’t breathe as the handcuffs fell near my hand which I managed to grasp and thrash around fairing for my life, as this has happened before after being rendered unconscious while both my arms were being held about 10 years ago.My Beautiful little son Daniel who I love and miss so was still alive at that time,so much for living in NZ the land of the peasant.

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