Australia – Shared Parenting and Child Support


 As his child support representative I have just had a great victory in Social Security Appeals Tribunal representing a self employed father against Child Support Agency for “making up” numbers so that women win. Technically it was because the mother did not provide her {own} Commonwealth registered company accounting to support her claims. But the underlying reason was that earlier in her initiating to CSA several levels of CSA officers did not comply lawfully with their duties so that the “woman won”. In the former instance or her application and “hearing” she in her normal “modus operandi” of “evasion:: she also did not support her claims to CSA with her company accounting although she is company secretary and share holder and director – because it seems on her modus opeandi of evasion there are no formal records at all or they grossly understate income and the Tax Office is now investigating.


When the SSAT Panel asked for my closing response I said ” Mrs xxxx did not comply {with SSAT orders} – its {her} modus operandi {not to comply)– and The Panel must deal with it. They did and dismissed her from the hearing and restored his child support amount back the correct fact and law amount of about one eight of the “made up” CSA amount; Like $117 per month lawfully calculated on his “income” and not $1600 a month. That in one year would see him broke because his income could not afford such an amount without it bankrupting his business. That is for the current year. We have been to court for the previous year and are awaiting an outcome of the same for the previous jear that has gone as far as “collection” that we are unwinding. Like exhuming a corpse and breathing life into it again.


The salient point is that CSA simply “gifted” her their decision of a gigantic increase without CSA being even handed and have her produce any company accounts and tax records at all as they did with the father. In this CSA went far beyond the law into unconstitutional “civil conscription” by making a determination against him to pay child support eight times of what the law required of him as we now have it corrected by SSAT.. All very unlawful by CSA and most already captured on record and before the Commonwealth Ombudsman and National Audit Office and many politicians including the Commonwealth Attorney General and Child Support Minister. Mind you too, we would not have won in SSAT either if I had not presented the case so well and had already take The Director to higher authorities for his “misconduct” with us in the preheating conference. The are so complacent doing as the do breaking the law they leave the “evidences” to it everywhere. It is just that no one I know picks it up and run it thought the “administrative” and “political” complaints systems and “watchdog” organization that I do. I am looking for both support and “apprentices”. Its not really hard just that most blokes and allied women cannot get their head into that strata of “administration” of our democracy.


We can now make our final and formal run with official complaints and we may be suing the Commonwealth for fraudulent accounting. More to you as it comes to hand and into formation of process. I am a Warrior too Jim – there are just not enough and we need to muster an organize more like us in a strong action group within the larger group. Base of Child Support Legislation in Australia I think the same as NZ and other countries I offer myself in both individual cases and the wider frontal attack on Government for allowing CSA staff to wander off the case facts and legislation so that “women win”. Regards Robert




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