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Up on Ration Shed – Egroup, BLOG and Facebook – with thanks to; Donald Pettitt – NZ – Canterbury – Christchurch – Canterbury Men’s Centre

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Donald – Thanks for your encouragement below – I have entered you onto the **FAMILY Friendly Data-Base** and thus you will receive the mail outs as inspired – However to really keep up with things you will need to join the Egroup where we nut things out – I also recommend a wonder thru the BLOG which is the face of Ration Shed. The full signature below will inform you of most that Ration Shed gets up to.

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Onward – Jim 

From: Donald Pettitt []
Sent: Tuesday, 24 November 2009 4:27 p.m.

Hi Jim 

If you’ve got a mailing list for the projects that you put out then please put me on it. I find myself advocating for men and fathers in different forums and it would be good to know more about the work you do. 

You can look me up at if you want to get an idea of the work I do. 

Best wishes, 

Donald Pettitt 


Ba. Appl. Sc., M.S.W. Appl.

This artists impression of Donald’s Mo’ will be removed with your support at  

Canterbury Men’s Centre

Christchurch Community House

141 Hereford St.

03 940 9487

021 02502631

Find us 


Onward Together – Jim Bailey

Javan’s from a distance 24X7 Dad because WINZ – NZ Social Welfare – Destroyed our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**

Ration Shed – Founder. Supporting ** a father’s coalition ** and working within the mission of Ration Shed. 6 Lancaster Rd – Beach Haven – North Shore City – Auckland – New Zealand (+64) – 027-429-0055 -/- 09-482-296


FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME on any Ration Shed Turf. 


Ration Sheds prime objective is to drive back to good old fashion FAMILY, giving ALL Children Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand Parents where possible and the support of their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** as I believe God intended, by ENSHRINEING  **Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** deep within GLOBAL FAMILY Law and Social Policy. We gladly join all with similar objectives and help build **Equal Parenting** based Orgs where there are none.


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