NZ – A letter to MP John Carter from Ben Easton – RE: Dargaville, as a sample of NZ Family Law

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Keep up the Good work Ben – Great letter, but I hope you understand that Boshier’s figures of fatalities caused by the NZ FAMILY Court are extremely low to hide the real holocaust he and his Judges are causing let alone those of Bureaucrats who distort most area’s of FAMILY Law and Social Policy to meet their own agenda within the Family Court, MSD, CYFS, WINZ, and probably worst of all so called Child Support.

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Benjamin EastonPO Box 24415 Manners St


027 390 2169



25 November 2009


To: The elected Member for Northland, National Party,

The Honourable John Carter,

Tena koe Honourable John Carter,

Copies to:        Hon Paula Bennett, (Minister of Social Development)

                        Hon Shane Jones, (Labour, MP for Northland)

                        Hon Annette King (Labour and opposition spokesperson for Social Development)


Tena tatou katoa,

I have requested to view files from a Dargaville Family Court matter involving Child Youth and Family, detailing the position of a Counsel for Child and several psychologist reports. I have read in part the personal submissions and relevant affidavits from the party aggrieved and respond immediately on reading them – not willing at present (and until the circumstances are secure for the author) to read them all. The live and ancient allegations posed by this party against the institution of New Zealand family law are shocking.  

I am very familiar with family law. I am presently assisting and prosecuting cases before the Courts, in judicial review as well as through the traditional means. Most cases are in their infancy by comparison to these circumstances in Dargaville, however, I have not considered a live case like this and stress upon you, in an environment where the Family Court has recently been declared with a stunning mortality rate on men and fathers (exposed to family law) the ramifications of my observations should be taken seriously and considered significant.

This letter acts in public statement to advice government, without detailing any private information relative to the circumstances, that there is a growing will among the public damaged by failed Court practices to expose and publish the damning circumstances. In a following letter I will send to you and other interested parties and before the pending Court proceedings, I will identify the matter and will describe the controversies as I see them as best I am presently able to interpret.

I will request your URGENT attention to the matters I will raise and encourage here that my inquiries will be met in a manner that protects the families/parties. I will also request that government responsibly considers the depth of these extraordinary problems prior to protecting any practice or function of gender discriminatory fact as neither real nor living controversy.  


Benjamin Easton

LAOS New Zealand

(of a) father’s coalition   


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