NZ – Jim Bagnall – Relationship Break-up – What every Young Man in New Zealand Needs to Know – Part 1

Introduction by – Jim Bailey


Now that Chief Family Court Judge Boshier has finally declared that he is well aware that his so called FAMILY Court drives many to suicide and that he intends to offer counselling to help one feel better about having their Child/ren Stolen, it is well time to warn the next generation that making FAMILY is very dangerous.


Extract from a speech by Boshier dated 22Nov


“Looking back, I have seen 22 cases between May 2008 and June 2009 where a user of the Family Court has died as a consequence of homicide or suicide. Of these 18 (82%) were suspected suicides, and 41% of the deceased had been (either directly or indirectly) involved in domestic violence proceedings. In two further cases there was evidence to suggest domestic violence may have been a factor in the deceased’s life. As this audit continues I am aware of similar situations occurring this year.

These sad statistics are not however linked only to domestic violence. Consideration of these files indicated that 73% of the deceased were part of private law child care proceedings prior to their death.”


Complete Speech




When Boshier was asked why there are some 400,000 NZ Children without FATHERS, he answered “Mothers are usually first to apply” – Declaring his Court to be bias and therefore destructive to the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**.



Onward – Jim Bailey – Ration Shed – Supporting a father’s coalition



Jim Bagnall – advises


Relationship Break-up – What every Young Man in New Zealand Needs to Know – Part 1


§      What happens to your children?


§      Mothers will almost inevitably get day-to-day care of the children


§      Fathers will almost inevitably pay child support


Care of Children:


Of about 1 million children in New Zealand, there are now over 400,000 who do not live with their fathers.

International studies show that children raised without contact with their fathers are much more likely to become criminals, abuse drugs and alcohol, fail at school and have mental health problems. The following are US government statistics:


§      70 % of prison inmates grew up without fathers


§      60% of rapists grew up without fathers


§      75 % of adolescents charged with murder grew up without fathers


§      75 % of adolescent substance abuse patients grew up without fathers


§      Children growing up without fathers are twice as likely to drop out of school


§      Children growing up without fathers are 40 times more likely to experience child abuse


§      Adolescents growing up without fathers are three times more likely to commit suicide or require psychiatric treatment


§      Kids who exhibit violent behaviour at school are 11 times more likely not to be living with their fathers


Child Support;


You must pay child support until your children turn 19.

For one child you will pay 18% of your income, for two children 24%, for three children 27% and four or more children 30%.

The system will penalise you in such a way that you can’t live and start a new life.

If you stop paying, the tax department will take the money from your wages, plus penalty payments.

New Zealand fathers owe the tax department 1.54 billion dollars in child support, two thirds of which are penalties for late payment.


There is a complete leaflet available for you to copy and distribute by requesting it from Jim Bailey @


The leaflet is produced by;


Jim Bagnall

Coalition of Fathers – supporting a fathers coalition

3 Manor Pl.

Pt Chevalier


New Zealand




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