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Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to; Ken Thompson – Australia – NSW – Sydney – Signed Equal Pet. Feb09.

Ken I wish you well – You have taken this far beyond the personal and thus will effect change for the better for many

Onward – Jim

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Onward – Jim

Hi Everyone.

The public part of our campaign to have the Australian Govt introduce

anti-IPCA legislation commenced today. I’ve attached two media releases

that were distributed early this morning.

We will no doubt need the support of many organisations and people

around the world if the government doesn’t engage with us or if they

look like bowing to pressure at any time in the campaign from those who

want to maintain the status quo.

Any help you can provide to distribute these media releases to other

missing children organisations around the world would be very much

appreciated. It would be even better if they could add them to their

websites, etc along with the links I’ve included in this email.

We managed to get quite a bit of national and local media coverage

today. The media is now using the term IPCA, which they’ve never done

before & we’ve established a group called the Coalition of Parents of

Abducted Children (COPAC) to provide public support to the Family Law

reform Association’s proposal. The media has picked up on COPAC as well

so we’ve now established a single identity for left-behind-parents which

could come in handy later on in the campaign and at other times as well.

This link will take you to an interview I did today on Australia’s ABC

Radio National. The button on the left of the text will enable you to

listen to it…..

This next link will take you to an article published today on the ABC


Kathy….I thought we could also post something on Nowpublic &

Indymedia. What do you think?

Thanks for all your support.

Ken Thompson

Child Abduction is Child Abuse!

  ken thompson


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