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CSA Hell


Can I opt out of paying the CSA?

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 04:51 AM PST

A bit of advice, as not sure if the information given to me by the CSA is correct.

I am employed, and have been paying the CSA since 1998, and I am assesed on the old system. I acknowledge my responsibilties to my child, and pay as requested.

Recently I changed jobs, and worked offshore, this changed my assesment, and my payments rose drastically, I tried to reason with my ex partner to opt out and come to an arrangement, but she said no. She has now decided to stop work, as she sarcasticaly said that she now recieves more from me, so she has no need to work now!!

2 months agao I was called into our company offices and was told that I was to transfer with my job. This means that I am no longer paid in UK pounds, but in US Dollars, via the Bahamas, so not on any UK payroll. I will also be working extended periods out of the UK, so my residential status in the uk will now be classed as habitual, not permenant.

I contacted the CSA, who said I’ll need to get assesed again? I am no longer paid in pounds, not on any UK payroll, probably won’t be liable for tax, and out of the country for 9 months plus a year, can they enforce this, would it be worth trying to get my ex partner to opt out again.

Any advice??

Thanks in advance



CSA don’t care about my outgoings, they just want money

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 11:46 PM PST

according to the csa i owe 12000 pounds and they assesd this on my wages working for a firm thta doesnt even exist . it started in 2004 after 10 years of not even knowing if my kids were still alive as my ex has refused to give me any accsess and even moved abroad without a say in the mattter i was working for p and r eng in bexlyheath when i first recived a call saying they were going to take 76 percent of my wages bedfore 8tax and there was nothing i could do about it.

3 weeks later the firm sold there land to a developer and i was made unemployed. i informed the csa at the time and have witness to this they also have checked with the locall councill who have confirmed that the land was sold .

after mths of unemployment i decided to go selfemployed and worked maybe 1 or 2 days a week when i could find work and tryed to generate enough money to live on all went quite with the csa till 2008 when out of the blue i recived a letter demanding 9000 pounds paid imediatly …

its taken me 12 years of strugling and paying of debths that my ex left me with and trying to rebuild a life of my own and finnaly im with someone that actualyy cares for me we have 4 childern and a home but now the csa are demanding 12000 pounds and there refusing to look back at the first assement they made on the wages i earnt for 3 or 4 weeks while i was employed with p and r eng which like i said i only worked for a few mths before the sold out.

i am employed again on a full time bais and actually earn less now than i did back in 2004 and my out goings have tripelled if not more at the end of the week after puting food on the table and paying just the normal bills that we all have ie electric gas rent council tax i have the grand sum of £12.50 to put petrol in car for work but still the csa expect me to pay £12000 pound instantly with out question and point blank refuse to look at my case or even come to some arrangement which makes me think where is the money going after all i pay tax so if my ex is on income support i already cotrib!
ute to it just like we all do allready so its not that …

i personal think its going to the treasurey to help finnace the money the goverment has so nicely given to the billion pound fraudseters we call banks

im at my last witts and just dont know what to do for the best i cant get a secound job there is no overtime where i work and not sure there is enough work to keep me employed due to the recession so soon i wwont even have £12.50 to lavish on myself seriously id be better of in prison dead or just giving up and going on the dole is that what they really want …

What realy gets me is they answer to no one if i had a huge debth from a bank theres govermant dept that would help if i was a drug dependant theres goverment funded depts that help if i was a mass murder i would get legal aid but because im a dad i get nothing i dont even get a chance to have a life and what about the kids in my life atm what have they done to deserve being made to lose there home and go without food and clothes absoultly nothing this is a discrace and just about summs this craphole we used to call a country. with hiuman rights its a joke it realy is


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