AUSTRALIA – The Quiet Revolution: An Overview

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THE QUIET REVOLUTION, as we know has been fermenting for some time now and has a place for most people.

The Quiet Revolution accommodates a threefold approach:

1. Outside the Tent – Pissing In. Various activist groups and individuals impolitely and sometimes illegally challenging the status quo through various means, undermining the foundations of the current system and its advocates.

2. Inside the Tent – Pissing Out.  The careful professional and workman like analysis of the current situation coupled with a co-operative and reasoned engagement with all parties concerned. This will provide a sound foundation to establish an alternative to the current structures.

3. Tearing Down the Tent.  The dismantling of the current systems and creation of a sound alternative. An apt quote regarding slavery in the US during the Civil War is “If it not just, it is not law”.

Strategic Objectives
1. Rebuttable presumption of shared parenting on separation – Achieved in part and requires further consolidation.
2. Zero tolerance for false allegations – Our next objective requiring considerable focused effort.
3. A legal Duty of Care by the State for children removed from parents – Final step to protecting our families.

Using the Tent analogy above, choose an approach that appeals to you and begin to address the issue of false allegations.

The method is entirely up to you.

Remember, you’re doing this for your kids and their kids and on it goes.


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