USA – Oklahoma’s – child welfare system under fire

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From: Tina Vercelli <>
Sent: Fri, November 13, 2009 1:47:51 PM
Subject: [CPSWatch] Oklahoma”s child welfare system under fire


I thought I would share with you some of the recent articles that have been posted about OKDHS in our state this past week. Oklahoma is currently being sued by the group Children’s Rights on behalf of 9 children in foster care. The court has recently ruled that it suit can be classifed as a class action, which means that all Oklahoma foster children would be represented.The lawyers for Children’s Rights blasted OKDHS this week with two separate independent reports. They went through the case files of the children and with a fine tooth comb pulled out incident after incident of these children being abused while in foster care and caseworkers did nothing about it.

I am including links to news stories regarding this lawsuit as well as an interview that have been made with leaders of the Oklahoma Family Rights Coalition about this matter. Also included is another interview with the OKFRC regarding the drugging of foster children. That interview was broadcast two days prior to the Children’s Rights reports coming out.

http://www.newsok. com/article/ 3416727?searched =DHS&custom_click= search
http://www.newsok. com/article/ 3416530?searched =DHS&custom_click= search

http://www.koco. com/news/ 21586699/ detail.html

http://www.topix. net/forum/ source/kotv/ TN7HH800VOHQGN8K D

http://www.okcfox. com/newsroom/ top_stories/ videos/kokh_ vid_670.shtml
http://www.koco. com/news/ 21586699/ detail.html

http://www.koco. com/video/ 21600318/

http://www.koco. com/video/ 21600372/

http://www.kfor. com/news/ local/kfor- special-reports- foster-drugs- story,0,1718308. story

We also lost yet another foster child to apperant abuse by the foster parent:

http://www.tulsawor article.aspx? subjectid= 298&articleid=20091112_ 298_0_Tedaho6456 00


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