USA – CSA Hell – Any excuse to take your money – Ex refuses to pay what he should

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CSA Hell


Any excuse to take your moneyPosted: 14 Nov 2009 07:24 AM PST

Well where do i start…. I’ve got a 2 year old boy, the only thing is there is no proof that he is mine. He does not look like me at all, he has his mothers surname and im not even on the birth certificate. while i was with my ex she would never really let me spend time with him unless obviously she had some sort of financial gain from it. i always spent money on him for food and clothes…etc.

my ex lied to me by telling me i was on the birth certificate, until one day i found out, she would always deny me a dna test. then the csa start taking money from my wages stating on my wage slip court order payment. it took me about 2 months to find out wat this was. i’ve argued with the csa over this but they just dont care, they just seem to make any old excuse to take my money…one good line from them ‘ if you were there when she gave birth your the father’ and my reply was ‘ so if i was in the room with my sister when she gave birth it makes me or whoever the father then’ , they just got stumped and lost for words.

i’ve sought legal advice with numerous solicitors and they have all stated that a ‘deo‘ is a court order and they have to write to you to tell you what has been discussed with the court and what has been decided. I received nothing of the sort apart from how much they will take each month, therefore they are taking money illegelly. the csa strongly deny this is a court order even though it states it on my wage slip.

when i confronted the csa about this again they say its a ‘deo’ not a court order, so i said ‘ remember these calls are recorded and i’ve noted time and date of this call, and you are going to call these legal representatives liars?’ again they did not know what to say. i’ve been contesting this for the last 6 months but to no avail. they say they sent me a letter at the very start to ask me if i take responsibility for the child, a letter i did not receive. the csa therefore deny me a dna test saying i have to pay for one myself, which is £385.00, never mind the £350.00 they take each month.

One lady i spoke to at the csa actually stated to me ‘ there is no such thing as common sense with csa law’ after yet again i tried to plead my case to them. They make presumption as to when they can presume you are the father on their own website, to which i do not apply to any of them and therefore they are charging me illegely.

I’ve told them if i’m his father i will take resposibility and if i’m not i want all my money back. As they say ‘ You are innocent until proven guilty ‘, please can someone just put a bit of common sense into the csa as this is beyond a joke. Like i said to them its just any old excuse…..

Ex refuses to pay what he shouldPosted: 13 Nov 2009 11:51 PM PST

Last Friday everning, quite late around 7 pm, I received a very strange phone call message from a woman claiming to be from the csa asking me to return call on an 0845 number. I did this (didnt realise csa worked so late!) so I was very wary as I had not contacted the csa and have no wish to hearing the horror stories about them. A man answered saying CSA helpline and I asked for this woman. Said he would need to take my NI number name and dob. I wondered was it legal for him to do this?

I gave them out (reluctantly) and then said he could not locate her. I was getting very wary by now I was being scammed to be honest. Then he said she worked in the Acrington branch, but he could not get through to her after trying on two numbers. He said she would write to me or contact me. When I asked what it was about he said he could not give out too much info but said to imagine if an ex partner had recently split up with somebody and they had to make a NEW CLAIM.

I am the PWC and have a private agreement with the father. The only thing I can think of is if he wants to reduce my payments cus he has him to stay in school holidays as we are going through a messy divorce. He earns a lot and I am being paid a meagre sum as it is.

Could this be another child he has fathered coming out of the woodwork? It all sounded very shady. Nobody has been in contact with me since Friday and when I text my ex and asked him he would not reply which says a lot.


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