Netherlands – Dutch GLOBAL request for information and ideas on (collective) court cases abroad where damages for disparenting after divorce were demanded in court (whether successfull or not)

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Hello every one,

As divorced parent groups in the Netherlands we have recently formed a Dutch national platform in order to investigate any future possibilities of starting a (collective) court case to hold the Dutch government, the Dutch family court system and Dutch residential parents accountable for damages caused to children of separation and their nonresidential parents and extended families, when excluding them from each other.

The name of the Dutch National Platform of Parenting Groups in which this initiative has been taken into investigation is BONS (which is Dutch for bounced or excluded) and is also short for “Blijvend Ouderschap Na Scheiding”  (which is Dutch for “Continued Parenting After Separation”).  In English the name of the platform would be CPAS.

Below I forward to you a call by Joep Zander, one of the partners in the Dutch National Platform BONS, for information on comparable (collective) court cases for damages abroad and for any ideas in how to make a government and the family court system accountable for damages caused to parent-child relationships.

If you send me your information and ideas we will be most gratefull and I will see to it that it is forwarded to the rest of the Dutch platform BONS and Joep Zander.

Peter Tromp

Father Knowledge Centre Europe
Dutch National Platform of Parenting Groups BONS

In the Netherlands, recently again a grouping of people and organizations are working to change the family business. One of the actions on the agenda is to make a claim to the Dutch state on the disturbance of parent-child relationships.

It is not the first time in the Netherlands such steps are initiated. Usually such attempts remain stabbing in a rather premature stage.

No doubt there are more (Western) countries where there have been this type of movements. Cases which are known, relatively small, where individual damages resulting from the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.

Perhaps you could inform us about what in your country is known about trying to collectively, possibly initiated individually, claims and what the results were or what you believe to be the reason for success or failure. We are not naive and understand that in the current constellation it will take some effort to get claims honored. However, given its importance, we explicitly investigate this yet.

Best regards

Joep Zander

BONS Group (Continued Parenting After Separation)


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