GLOBAL – CSA Hell – CSA Taking Money – CSA bully me

CSA Hell


CSA taking money out of my account without permission

Posted: 12 Nov 2009 12:00 PM PST

I was made redundant in october 2008 i had no income so i stopped the csa payments, this did not seem to be a problem.

CSA drew money from a joint account (at the begining of the year,) which i share with my EX-girlfriend as i still live with her as a friend and we share the bills so it was only her income in the account and my JSA. I cancelled the DD again and was returned the cash into the account.

I got a part time job and paid the kids mum all the money i had in cash.

In May the CSA drew money from the joint account again, i now have a point 8 teaching job and am paying the csa recommended ammount in cash to the kids mum, which the kids mum is happy with as she is remarried, has a nice house etc etc,

i am working my rugs off to pay the bills and the CSA took money out of the joint account again in september, the bank has got the money back again, but the CSA lady is very nice but she says my account is technically stuck and she can not change any details incluing my address and bank details!!!!?????der

I have always paid for my kids even to the point of getting £50,000 in dept to keep them in a house when i left their mum. My relationship with the lady i live with has failed becauce i can not now earn enough money to pay half of the mortgage, and everything else we have to pay and the house is worth only 3 quaters of what we paid so we cant even sell up and go our seperate ways either.

So i am hopeing that YOU can unstick and delete my CSA account to give me some peace. I can not even save for a pension

This is a pure waste of money and time.

If you have a solution to my problems which does not involve a long walk on a short plank i would be gratfull for any suggestions.

With kindest regards

Maurice Haskew
middle aged sigle broke male


CSA bully me on the phone

Posted: 12 Nov 2009 11:48 AM PST

Im writing this complaint as im fed up with the way staff from the CSA ring you up and bully you on the phone, I know they have a job to do and a hard one, but im sure if you spoke to people with a bit more respect this may make there job a bit easyer!

A lady called me from fineance department the other week and was so rude and diffacult with me, i was shocked that this one person is ok to speak to and deal with peopl this way, I was very concerned in the way she played the bullying card on me..

she started to threaten me in such a manner i was getting up set i just feel that this person shoulod be pulled to one side and to reminde her that we are all humans and not trash for people like her to talk to us in that way!

i would like this to made as a afficial complaint, as im am aware you do record all phone calls!!!



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