USA – ACFC News – New Affiliates, Judge Suspended for Bias, General Updates

Dear Jim,We wanted to bring you a couple of items of interest.  NEW AFFILIATES 

The Ohio Coalition for Fathers and Children held its initial organizational meeting on October 29 in Cleveland.  Led by Ray Erker the Coalition will be working improve Ohio’s family law system.  Ray looks forward to hearing from others in Ohio interested in participating, he can be reached by email at  

The Other Parent (TOP) joins the ACFC family of affiliates from Washington state.  TOP  has been active for a number of years and is an effective voice for Washington’s fathers, families and children.  Contact Kevin Turner of The Other Parent and become involved in shared parenting initiatives.  Below is an excerpt on the organization:

The Other Parent was founded on the belief that children need both parents. We believe, in the absence of abuse or neglect, both parents have an equal right to legal and physical joint custody of their child. We also believe that both men and women should be held to the same financial obligation for care of their child. We have dedicated ourselves to serving the best interests of all children by advocating equality and accountability in the family court system.

We work toward this goal by providing information, referrals and support services to non-custodial parents. The Other Parent recognizes and works against bias in the system, but supports all parents who put their child first and want to protect their rights and relationship with their child, regardless of gender.

The Other Parent Contact Information:

Web site:
Phone: 206-307-2337

Second Class Citizen (SCC) is dedicated to family law issues affecting armed services members.  SCC focuses on family law and court related issues impacting members of the military.  Family law issues are difficult enough when you are available to deal with them.  However for those serving overseas family court problems are magnified immensely.  While legal protections for service members exist and there have been improvements in recent years more remains to be done to support active duty personnel and veterans who protect our freedom.  SCC has put together a compelling and graphic video on the problem of veteran suicide which you can see here.  We encourage our service member readers to visit the SCC website and volunteer to assist in these efforts.  ACFC has listed several information resources for military members on this dedicated page. 

Visit Second Class Citizen at


This interesting article came out of Kentucky several days ago.  Family court judge Tamra Gormley was suspended for misconduct against men in two separate cases.  Read the article then click here to let us know what you think and we’ll publish your responses in an upcoming newsletter.


We regularly publish new material on the ACFC website and will be letting you know about items you might find useful from time to time.  For those wanting to know what your state divorce and custody laws actually are, this page has links to each states statutes. 

For those interested in Federal Legislation, the Federal Codes and additional case and issue research tools visit this page.  If you find yourself wanting to reach out and contact your legislators, both state and federal, we’ve made this tool available from the homepage.  Make use of it and let your elected officials know your interested in family law reform.

We appreciate your support, please contribute and help continue efforts to deliver the shared parenting message.


Mike McCormick
Exec. Dir.


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