USA – CSA Hell – CSA have over estimated my income for their payments

CSA Hell


CSA have over estimated my income for their paymentsPosted: 08 Nov 2009 11:53 PM PST

Well where do I start. My ex wife was caught out having an affair nearly 2 years ago and she subsequently left taking my 2yo daughter at the time and shacking up with her best mates husband in a hotel room. Yes thats right the 3 of them in one hotel room. For 10 days she would not tell me where my daughter was and only after pleading with her family did I find out.

I then a few month later discovered her working with the new guy as escort services, for which I took her to court and ended up loosing 1 days access rights per week to my daughter. Since she left I have always paid maintenance for my daughter. I have since met someone else and we now have a baby daughter ourselves and when the baby was born I reassessed my maintenance payments based on an online CSA calculator and paid accordingly. Ex has now gone direct to the CSA and hell has started.

Until last night I have had no correspondence from the CSA and no knowledge they where looking into me. Then last night I get a call on my way home saying that they have looked into my finances and calculated my payments!! But how is this?? I have not given them any information as they have not requested any. It turns out they have contacted my employer direct stating that under no circumstances should my employer tell me they have been contacted by the CSA and that my employer legally must pass on my financial details under section 14 of the child support act.

Sadly my employer has done this knowing no different. I work in sales and a large % of my income in commission based and the CSA have taken my best months and calculated my payments from this. They have not taken into account any expenses I incur even from the previous relationship.

Can anyone give me advise please?
email me at


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