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From: CAMERON, David ( )
Sent: 10 November 2009 18:16:51
To: ‘ ‘ ( )

Dear all

Thank you for bringing to my attention the Fathers for Justice campaign in my constituency.

I am well aware that too many parents today lose contact with their children after families break up and I know that this can cause real frustration and heartache.

I believe that both parents should have the responsibility to continue to play an active part in supporting their children beyond the breakdown of the parental relationship, unless the safety of the child is in question.

It is very important that parenting is seen as a shared responsibility. Fathers have an equally important and complementary role to mothers. It is clear to see that where fathers do play their role, the family enjoys greater stability as a result.

Maria Miller MP, my Shadow Families Minister, is working very closely with a number of organisations that help fathers following family breakdowns, so that the policies we develop help address this important issue. Our Families Green Paper is due to be published soon.

I will point out, however, that I am sometimes concerned about the tactics that Fathers for Justice uses. There are many legitimate ways to raise an issue and it is disappointing that your organisation sometimes goes well beyond them.

Nevertheless, I will continue to pay close attention to these issues and thank you, once again, for writing to me..

David Cameron


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