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Legally Kidnapped


16-Year Old Got Life Without Parole for Killing Her Abusive Pimp — Should Teens Be Condemned to Die in Jail?

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 07:36 PM PST

16-Year Old Got Life Without Parole for Killing Her Abusive Pimp — Should Teens Be Condemned to Die in Jail?

Sara Kruzan was 11 years old, a middle school student from Riverside, Calif., when she met a man — he called himself GG — who was almost three times her age. GG took her under his wing; he would buy her gifts, take her and her friends rollerskating. “He was like a father figure,” she recalls.




No more jail time for tot’s death

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 08:39 AM PST

No more jail time for tot’s death

Shirley Caroline Guimond, 55, pleaded guilty Wednesday to assault causing bodily harm for her abuse of the boy and his then-three-year-old sister. Court heard Guimond slapped and punched the children when she grew frustrated with their behaviour during the month CFS had placed them in her care.




Child-protection service in disarray

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 08:35 AM PST

Child-protection service in disarray

Unfortunately, the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) can no longer be trusted to care for children in home care. As a registered and certified school nurse, I have struggled with this agency on numerous occasions, viewing firsthand this poorly managed child-welfare system. Departments are fragmented, and a tremendous lack of supervisory checks and balances exists. Its workforce is inexperienced, with 80 percent of directcare staff (those who work directly with clients, i.e. therapists, psychologists, etc.) having less than five years’ experience, and 25 percent of the casework staff (staff members who arrange for client services) are trainees with less than one year of experience. Children are not visited by DYFS workers regularly, sometimes not for months at a time. Physician referrals are made but not enforced, and cases are closed with uninvestigated complaints of abuse. This is in violation of ethical, professional standards of practice, those principles that express values or standards of conduct.




Submitted by Karen

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 07:03 AM PST

My kids were taken illegally. This is happening to people who have not done anything wrong. I’ve been targeted, home burglarized, storage illegally seized, and no witnesses, advocate appointed, nor legal representation. The judge, social worker, state’s attorney’s office are all getting kick backs for the cases that they get turned in. I’ve done three years of research and it is mindbottling what I’ve found out. People are buying those kids in adoption agencies and multiple other groups that use kids for capital gain. I’ve never been represented that’s why I haven’t seen nor talked to my children in three years. I was granted supervised visitations and never one time saw my kids, how did that happen, Jefferson County, Kentucky along with the others that’s getting paid off my kids being placed in their care. It’s crazy because I live a beautiful self sufficient life no food stamps, public assistance, or housing programs with four kids. I’m also a seven year veteran with an informant good for nothing ex husband who hasn’t paid child support for seven years at the time that the kids were taken, and they claim and campaign with logos talking about for the best interest of children, THAT’S A JOKE!

Want your story posted on Legally Kidnapped? Send it.




Submitted by Anonymous

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 06:58 AM PST

My name is ****** ****** of Mt Vernon. After being unable to reach my son by telephone I searched the internet to find my ex wife. She’d moved to Pennsylvania and placed my son into a residential treatment facility Hoffman Homes in Gettysburgh , PA , without my knowledge. She refused to provide me any further information. I contacted the facility and spoke to a case worker Ms. Barnes and set up a visit. She informed me my son was being medicated with Risperidal. I checked the drug on the internet to find out what it was for and what the side effects might be for an 8 year old. To my surprise the drug hadn’t been approved for children and cause sterility. When I got there I saw he didn’t look well. His face was swollen and he had a lost look on his face. He was glad to see me.

The counselors gave me a tour to assure me my son was in good care. They were also very vague as to why he was there. I asked them why they would have my son taking a drug that isn’t approved for children and causes sterility. They told me my son had been diagnosed Bipolar and ADHD. I filed for custody immediately.

I received custody of my son March 11, 2005.

On April 12 2005, due to an incident at school caused a CPS investigation. Case worker Nina Nelson/WCDSS came to my home with blank disclosure forms for me to sign. I refused. She advised me to have my son evaluated at Mt. Vernon Hospital . I cooperated being I wanted to help my son get the care he needed. At the hospital while I was registering my son Ms. Nelson was speaking with a nurse, the same nurse checked my son’s vitals. We were escorted to a small room in the back. After almost three hours my fiancé went to get us all dinner. We ate and waited a few more hours. I asked Dr. Bartow (the one who blew himself up) if he knew how it would be before my son could be evaluated. He told me “We have a bed for him” I asked him how could he have a bed for him without an evaluation? He called the police on me. The police that were sent were threatening and used vulgar language. My fiancé called 911 to request a sergeant come to the hospital. She called three times and was told “The police are already there.” Finally a Dr. E. Walsh came and evaluated my son. He rectified the whole situation and sent us home. This traumatic event was not over. I received a call from Susan Berger and Terry Richard both of CPS. They requested that I apply for welfare to get “services” for my son. I asked them about the legalities on page 14 of the Welfare intake form which is needed to apply for services. They were unable to answer my questions. I went to DSS to ask them about the application. They called the police on me and had me BANNED from the building by Iris Jenkins/Associate Commissioner of Social Services.

In September 2006 I was charged by CPS with medical neglect because I hadn’t applied for Welfare. On October 5, 2006 in front Judge Cooney I was offered to sign a voluntary placement form in order to have the medical neglect charges dropped and my son would not have to take medication. I agreed to a 48 placement at Four Winds. My visits were denied. I was called for a meeting 10/29/05. Two pieces of paper were thrown across the table by Terry Richardson/WCDSS who told me “You are indicated for medical neglect. After four months of denied visits, my son was transferred to Pleasantville Cottage, Pleasantville , NY. I was denied visits for another two months.

In the past three years I’ve gone to:

Legal Aide, they told me I have to be on Welfare

Student Advocacy….unable to help.

Family Ties of Westchester ……Useless

Urban League….another welfare program

NAACP Legal Defense….can’t help unless incarcerated or on death row

County Executive Andrew Spano….ignored

DA Dafoe’s office…..unable to help

Brenda Smith/Mt Vernon School Superintendent (at the time)…..useless




Submitted by Anonymous

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 06:50 AM PST

From the LK Submission Form

On Monday October 5th there was an annual rally held at Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario for Accountability of Children’s Aid Societies. A bigger and louder crowd gathered in comparison with previous years however only the sattelite rally of a dozen people made the press (of course) We had several key speakers and the public were given a chance to speak during open mic. There was a woman named Maryna who stumbled across us while advocating for autism.. she posted a blog in regards to the rally and it’s nice to see that another set of eyes has been opened.. I would call that a success on it’s own!

Check out her blog entry (taken from;

Monday, October 5, 2009
At Queen’s Park – day 58
Some days I learn more than others. I have never suspected I would learn so much from Exposing Children’s Aid Society riot. I am shocked. Stories I have heard were compelling.

Children are dying while under Children’s Aid Society care. And life goes on. Documents remain confidential. Decisions are made behind close doors. Tax money keep pouring in. Media is not interested. Consistently 90 children dies a year, how many were abused? How many is being abused right is this moment? How many families unnecessarily broken? It is disturbing.

The reality of government and privately own agencies that are self-regulating were given license and money to act on government behalf but lack accountability and transparency, and are abusing their powers. are negligent and often corrupt is wide spread in Ontario. It is clear to me now. There is a scandal exploding from time to time, there is some scape goat found and punished (or not), and life goes on.

No media was present, but speeches were taped and will be posted on Youtube.

I will post links when I will get them.

You can learn more from website



Why the Innocent Flee From the Police

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 05:49 AM PST

Why the Innocent Flee From the Police

“Why did he run?” This question thrusts itself upon us every time an unarmed or otherwise harmless person is gunned down while fleeing from police.

Often that inquiry takes the form that assumes the guilt of the victim: “If he did nothing wrong, why did he run?” It’s also common for that second version to contort itself into a nicely circular argument: “Well, he ran, and resisting arrest is a crime, so obviously he got what was coming to him.”




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