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The document, written by ex Fathers 4 Justice Liverpool Coordinator Peter Molloy ( in Cc field ),  is available as a pdf file to download here:

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1. Preamble
The traditional family unit that consists of a married man and wife with child(ren),
is the foundation block of British society. Therefore, to have a strong society the
need to uphold the traditional family unit is paramount and must be preserved
and promoted.
The British National Party (BNP) will seek to act in a child’s best interest by
ensuring where possible that a child will grow and develop in the best
environment for that child’s needs surrounded by love from both its natural
parents and extended families.
The BNP also recognises that men and women have qualities that are different,
but equal, which are the ingredients necessary for the successful upbringing of a
Overleaf are proposals surrounding Family Law that the BNP may adopt.


2. Family
The BNP will promote the traditional family unit as the best environment in which
children should be nurtured. Apart from the traditional family unit that consists of
a married man and wife with child(ren), the BNP will also recognize other family
units, but not necessarily promote them, with the exception of number 1.
1. Married Man and wife without off-spring.
2. Cohabitating man and woman with off-spring.
3. Step-families through marriage.
4. Adopted families.
5. Single-parent families.
2.a. Traditional Family Unit
The BNP will promote the traditional family unit through tax incentives like the
reintroduction of the married man’s tax allowance. Our school children will also
be taught through the national curriculum the moral benefits of the traditional
family unit.


2.e. Adopted families
The BNP will remove targets from Social Services and therefore will end the
current social engineering policy that currently exists. Priority should be made for
biological family members to adopt. More financial benefits where possible to
encourage heterosexual married couples to adopt and prevent same sex
relationships from adopting with the exception being if the adopting person is a
biological relative.

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