Australia – 3rd Anniversary of Australia’s High Court Malfunction

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Onward – Jim

         3rd Anniversary of Liam Magill’s – nine-eleven

Leading up to the 3rd anniversary of the disastrous Magill v Magill High Court decision handed down on 9th November 2006…. aptly named Liam Magill’s  nine eleven (9-11)….has anyone decided whether or not to pursue this public interest story about Paternity Fraud in Australia? The problem as it stands today is that: 1 in 5 men who question paternity of their children will have their suspicions validated by DNA testing. These figures can be substantiated by Mr. Ian Smith from Genetic Technologies in Melbourne.  I have been lobbying our illustrious politicians in Canberra to deal with this issue but it’s a hot potato and the feminist don’t like it one little bit especially when our Highest Court is harboring a female judge who failed to remove herself from the landmark Magill paternity fraud appeal. You have to ask yourself some serious questions about this appalling situation. Every judge in our High Court is now aware of Susan Crennan’s glaring conflict of interest in the Magill case. I have made it clear as crystal that all these facts can (and have been) verified by professional and credible men and women. I myself and many others have had numerous conversations with Max who is Susan’s ex- spouse. Max has been haunted for over 30 years about the paternity of his 2 children, Daniel & Brigit. Have you ever noticed that a decade of Susan Crennan’s life has been removed from public record? The closest newspaper article that had been published was printed in a Sydney Morning Herald section of  “The Diary” . An article dated 2nd June and titled “Netwits Anger Senior MP” written by Sean Nichols & Erik Jensen. Any journalist who ends up with this story will have the scoop rivaling the Marcus Einfeld Story…only a lot bigger.

Cheryl King

Anti Paternity Fraud Advocate

Melbourne Australia

Ph 0416 031 145


3 Responses to Australia – 3rd Anniversary of Australia’s High Court Malfunction

  1. I applaud the work done by Cheryl King to expose the hypocrisy “paternity fraud perpetrator judges a paternity fraud victim”.

    Please ask all men that have ever had paternity results showing that he was not the father to take our paternity fraud survey for men on .

    Carnell Smith PfV

  2. Jill McLean says:

    The fallout from lies and deceit of this nature is massive – and largely disregarded by the greater public, media and those in power. Cheryl’s work in bringing this issue to the attention of all has been thankless and difficult at best – but it IS making a difference, even if only to get people talking about it. That’s the start of bringing about change. The grit and determination it’s taken to get this far is beyond my imagination, and I have huge admiration for her and those supporting this action.

    Any man who is being victimised in a custody case needs a voice – and all too often it’s the 2nd partners in their lives who take on that role. My partner was recently awarded his requested changes to custody in court – and it wasn’t an easy ride by any means. Her first response to the requested changes was an Intervention Order which included his children – charming.

    The genuine, loving, interested, supportive Dads have a really rough time of it in all Family Court matters – Liam’s case was extreme, but a perfect example of the inadequacies of a biased and inefficient system which is in desperate need of radical change.

  3. Cheryl King says:

    The Liam Magill Justice Group – Media Release

    Dark Secrets of the High Court Get Darker

    In a move that kept key players fully in the dark, Australian Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland has written in secret to the Chief Justice of the High Court in relation to the glaring conflict of interest in the Liam Magill paternity fraud case by High Court Judge Susan Crennan.

    Attorney General Robert McClelland has elected not to go public in relation to the Crennan saga, deciding to keep this miscarriage of justice out of the public glare and media spotlight by his secret communication with the High Court Chief Justice. McClelland’s move can only add to speculation that he and the High Court are in damage control over the actions of Crennan regarding the Magill case and that openness and transparency in the Rudd Government is non existent.

    Efforts are now being made to gain hold of the contents of the secret letter through an FOI application, but Magill supporters around the land are not confident that McClelland will come clean on this issue. There is a real fear that he will support his professional legal colleagues in the High Court and attempt to white-wash this issue by keeping details of the letter from the public eye.

    Magill supporters say that all federal politicians, the Governor General and key media outlets have been given absolute details of Crennan’s conflict of interest in the Magill case. All however have refused to act in the public interest and in the interests of justice in this case. Crennan’s sins are the worst kept secret in Australia but surprisingly the media that institution trusted with delivering the facts to the Australian public, has not yet found the courage to run this vital story.

    As long as this matter goes unchecked and unchallenged, justice in the highest court in this country remains a farce and the public’s confidence in justice as well as government is undermined

    Cheryl King

    Anti Paternity Fraud Advocate

    Supporter of Liam Magill

    Box 685 Deepdene 3103

    Ph/ 0416031 145
    Int 61 416031 145


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