NZ – So called Child Support Steals $42-80 per week from Invalided FATHER to fund the Govt induced FatherLessNess of his SON

NZ – So called Child Support charge Invalided Dad $42.80 per week to fund the Govt induced FatherLessNess of his Son.

MP – NZ – Prime Minister – the Hon. John Key – National – Helensville – Minister for Tourism

MP – NZ – the Hon. Paula Bennett – National – Waitakere – Minister for MSD

MP – NZ – the Hon. Dr. Jonathan Coleman – National – Northcote

MP – NZ – Peter Dunne – United Future – Ohariu – Minister of Revenue – Assoc Minister of Health

NZ – So called Child Support charge Invalided Dad $42.80 per week to fund the Govt induced FatherLessNess of his Son.

Prime Minister – John Key

CC, Minister IRD – Peter Dunne

CC, Minister MSD – Paula Bennett

CC, Ration Shed, Equal Parenting, BLOGS, Egroup and FaceBook.


NZ – So called Child Support charges Invalided Dad $42.80 per week to fund the Govt induced FatherLessNess of his Son.


John-K, so called Child Support are NOW stealing nearly a quarter his Invalids Benefit from which he struggles on and runs much voluntary community effort helping many thru the maze Anti-FAMILY Law and Social Policy and running a FoodBANK now serving 40+ Beach Haven FAMILIES most weeks, LINKS below for detail.


NZ Govt destroys 1000’s of FAMILIES Daily in similar fashion to mine. And we wonder why NZ has some of the most disastrous FAMILY, young people and Dad Stats Globally.


So now I have fought for and funded 9 years of week about **Equal Parenting** on a Single Persons Invalids Benefit with NO so called Child Support and NO help whatsoever from WINZ and NOW so called Child Support STEAL a further $42.80 per week to fund the Govt induced FatherLessNess of my Son. Let alone the very costly years fighting thru the so called FAMILY COURT which took ALL my Fathering him money including my Parents legacy.


So called Child Support have deemed it right to charge me $42.80 per week so that they can support FAMILY Destructive NZ Law and Social Policy to destroy my Son and no doubt 1000’s of other FAMILIES.


This has taken my FOOD and Petrol Budget of $35-0 per week.


With what am I supposed to pay for the Fathering from a distance that NZ FAMILY Law and Social Policy has forced me into?


How does the destruction of me Javan’s Father help his future?


Onward – Jim Bailey


Javan’s 24X7 Dad

WINZ – NZ Social Welfare – Destroyed our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**


Ration Shed – Founder. Supporting ** a father’s coalition ** and working within the mission of Ration Shed. 6 Lancaster Rd – Beach Haven – North Shore City

Auckland – New Zealand (+64) – 027-429-0055 -/- 09-482-296


FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME


Ration Sheds prime objective is to drive back to good old fashion FAMILY, giving ALL Children Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand Parents where possible and the support of their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** by ENSHRINEING  **Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** deep within GLOBAL FAMILY Law and Social Policy. We gladly join all with similar objectives and help build **Equal Parenting** based Orgs where there are none.


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§      Supporters of the Ration Shed FoodBANK communicating by txt now 30+ FAMILIES communicating from NZ-027-429-0055 on group when frozens come in and we have our $1-0 Lawn days for Cloths, Shoes and toys.



3 Responses to NZ – So called Child Support Steals $42-80 per week from Invalided FATHER to fund the Govt induced FatherLessNess of his SON

  1. Richard says:

    disaster stories galore..
    Just do what i did and skip the country whilst giving your two fingered salute at the same time.

    I always paid my child support. I made it my business to even though the govt thought it to be fair to take $600 per week off me for one child.
    My gripe is that when i got struck down with cancer a few years back, and couldn’t work for almost 6 months, the govt said they didn’t give a shit and told me to pay the same amount. WOW. So 6 months of unfair penalties and dept was heaped on me from my arm chair or hospital bed. A dept i could not repay and why the hell should I.
    I skipped the country for good and can you blame me?
    My own govt did this to me so they can label me a defaulter. I don’t care anymore. I did but now i dont.
    Is it any surprise people in similar situations leave as well?

  2. Richard says:

    The government and the wankers at IRD child support all have a hand in destroying lives.
    I have to stay away and now I cant even see my own child which has basically traumatized me.
    I had to make this drastic decision to immigrate to the US because i had no choice. In a few years i’ll have no problem relinquishing my NZ status for US citizenship.
    I have no desire to return to a society that was so willing to kick me when i was down.
    Nothing is ever done to make the system more fair to fathers like me. I was a high wage earner and paid my part. Apparently My child is worth 4 times more than the next child if that makes sense.
    I have a 50k dept and i have no intention of paying it.

    F U John Key and co.

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