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—– Original Message —–

From: Robert Kennedy


Sent: Friday, 6 November 2009 1:15 AM


Mark and Others,

                     I have been quoting for years the research by Chris Cantor head of dept suicide prevention Deakin University 1999 _Baume Cantor McTaggart . 42 males each week suicide – 31 in family separation    (1660 annually nearly equals the national road toll) – 21 child support payers (ie 50%) age group 24 to 34 years.  Child Support Agency has the highest suicide clientele of any Australian organization (appx 800 pa).  I frequently remind them and they do not liked it and I do not like CSA inspiring suicides – mainly by overcharging “self employed’s” who eventually loose “everything” and take their lives. .  Help me giver it back to CSA and the Government by quoting this research at every opportunity.  The research has been done by a reputable authority.  Dr Chris Cantor was thought to have once worked for CSA but was ex Australian Institute of Family Studies to Deakin University.  He obviously had a few background clues.  We do not have to reinvent the wheel.                        Regards Robert

—– Original Message —–

From: Richard Hillman Foundation Inc

To: community.affairs.sen@aph…

Sent: Thursday, 5 November 2009 11:14 AM

Subject: INQUIRY INTO SUICIDE IN AUSTRALIA The RICHARD HILLMAN FOUNDATION believes that it is questionable whether past people reviewing suicide really value fellow human’s lives, because if they did action would have been taken by now AND inquiries would not be necessary. 

We will watch with interest whether you are of the same mould. 

MYTH: All men are bastards and don’t care about family. 

Most men do care about their families and their relationships with them. This is most evident in the talk and behaviour of the separated men who are often so distaught and gutted at losing the day to day contact with their children and family that suicide becomes an option. 

Unfortunately, for some, who do not have sufficient support to fight the depression of loss, suicide becomes in their mind the only option.


Some Statistics, Comments and Links on the Issue of Suicide

1. Men have always committed suicide at a greater rate than women.

2. From mid 60’s there was a steady decline in male & female suicides – see graphs below.

3. The Year of new “family law act”  1975 / 76 the graphs take a sudden and dramatic change:

A) women steady or declining

B) men a sudden upward turn ..  significant increase. 

Male Suicide Rates

Figure 1: Male Suicide Rates 1921 – 1998.

NB. The Family Law Act 1975 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>’^’

OR try  Suicides, Australia 1921-1998 (cat. no. 3309.0)    ABS.


TRENDS IN SUICIDE, 1921-1998(a)


NB.  1975 Family Law Act >    >     >    >  ‘  ^ ‘ 

4. Modern day suicide in men has a peak in ages 20-45

5. Most at risk group is the separated male.

6. In 1996 the rate was 27 per 100,000.

7. In 1998 the rate was 37 per 100,000…Approx 40% increase.

8. Separated males are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than married men.

9. The suicide rate of separated men (under 29)  is 150 per 100,000.

10. There are approx. 40 male suicides per week in Aust.

11. Up to 30 Of these could be separated males [Marital Breakdown, Parenthood, and Suicide by

C.CANTOR and P.J.SLATER I995.] & [Baume, Cantor, McTaggart 1998.][70%]

12. Up to 20 ie. 2/3 ‘ rds of these men are paying through “The Child Support Agency” [There is no real

Evidence of this, rather estimated figures that the Child Support Agency will

neither confirm or deny.] 

MURDER: There is a growing argument by some that the incremental steps with seemingly increasing intensity that are placed on fathers who dare to fight to see their children, and who eventually succumb to suicide could be investigated as murder with the perpetrators of this ongoing abuse being charged with murder as accessories to the fact.


If there are approx.33000 clients who exit the scheme each year, how many do so

In a box?

13. Per head of jail population [i.e.. Inmates in jail] there are as many white male

Suicides in custody as black. We are aware that aborigines, because of the

Cultural breakdown, have a higher percentage of their population in jail and suicide.

But just as many white men suicide in jail.  WHY ??

14. There are 1.5 times more deaths by suicide in Australia than by road deaths [2680

Suicides {approx. 2150-2000 male} compared to 1710 road accidents].

Where would we put the ‘ speeding cameras ‘ for suicide ??

15. Suicide or Accident ?:

A) Single vehicle car accidents … no skid marks …. only big tree on the road … ?

B) Drug overdose.

16. Cantor & Baume, at the suicide research and prevention at Griffith University QLD found

that in a study of 4000 suicides, at least 70% were associated with relationship

breakups (attorney generals departments 2000 fact sheet – forum on men and

Family relationships Canberra)

17. Coroners are more likely to give the cause of death as accidental overdose rather

than suicide because of the stigma attached to suicide.


THE key people are beginning to see that it is a major issue and it will not go away.


Please check addresses to see that they are current.

National Advisory Council on Suicide Prevention [MDP37]

Mental Health and Special Programmes Branch

Community Department Health and Aged Care

G.P.O. Box 9848

Canberra ACT 2601

Mr Allan Staines

Suicide Prevention Australia [S.P.A.]

P.O. BOX K998

Haymarket N.S.W. 2000

Dr. Michael Dudley

Adolescent Service

Admin. Bldg. 2

Level 1

Prince of Wales Hospital

High St.


Links concerning suicide

 —– Original Message —–
From: Michael Dudley
Sent: Thursday, 8 November 2007 12:46 PM

Suicide Prevention Association.
Dear Mark
I am pleased to inform you that after a long delay, we are now going to imminently progress a meeting with DoHA, Family Law Courts, Child Support Agency & AG about matters relating to suicide prevention.
We have ideas of what we would want to discuss at such a meeting, but we thought it would be helpful at this point if you could also clarify for us your particular aims in pursuing this. Hopefully we can itemise our shared concerns for the agenda.
Once I feel we can clearly articulate that to the invittee list for the meeting, Ryan will send the invitation out and arrange the meeting.
Hope you are well, and best wishes

From: Traks

Dear Michael,

             thankyou for your request for questions for your meeting with the relevant authourities as described below. Below are the questions that people concerned with fathers and their depression at losing a loving and meaningful contact with their children often articulate.

I would be happy to discuss these with you at any time.

Thankyou for raising this important area of suicide with the authorities as nearly everyone I speak to who has been down this path has not only considered suicide, but chosen how they would do it.

 Our questions are :

1. How many suicides each year have a link, to Family breakdown / separation or divorce ?

 2. How many questionable deaths, as exposed by Eric Tresize and team on the Central Coast, can be liked to family separation and suicide.

 3. How many of these deaths ( people ) were described anti-depressents after separation / or as a result of marriage problems which the couple were trying to work through ? 

 4. How many payers of Child Support each year cease due to deaths, and how many of these are suicide OR questionable deaths ?

 5. Could the sudden turn upward on the suicide graph for men in the mid ‘ 70’s be attributed to any other factor than suicide ?

 6. How many work accidents result in death because of inattention, and perhaps could be linked to suicide, and is there a link to family separation ?

 7. Police tell us that many single road accident victims die in questionable circumstances – eg. no brake/skid marks, or only big tree along road etc… and do any of these have a link to family separation ?

 8. Emergency Hospital staff tell us that there are many suspicious clients and in particular : – females 15 – 20 and males 25 – 30 who it seems have tried to commit suicide. How many of these are experiencing family separation problems ?

 9. What % of youth suicide is linked to Family Separation ?

 10. What % of old age suicide can be linked to family separation and resultant loneliness without family to help care for them ?

 Bellow is the extract from the Hansard you asked for from the Federal Senate August 18 2005 page 171


Child Support Payments

(Question No. 978)

Senator Kirk asked the Minister representing the Minister for Human Services, upon notice,

On 23 June 2005:

(1) How many resident families ceased receiving payments through the Child Support Agency because

The non-resident father has died.

(2) How many resident families ceased receiving payments through the Child Support Agency because

The non-resident father has committed suicide.

Senator Patterson—The Minister for Human Services has provided the following answer

To the Honourable senator’s question:

(1) In 2002-2003 there were a total of 1 527 male payers recorded on the child support computer system

As having died. This is the latest data available.

(2) CSA does not collect data on client suicides or other reasons for death.

How many of these 1527 male / fathers paying child support would you expect to DIE of OLD AGE ??


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