NZ – WINZ – NZ Social Welfare – Wreck another Kiwi Kid.

MP – NZ – Prime Minister – the Hon. John Key – National – Helensville – Minister for Tourism.

CC, MP – NZ – the Hon. Paula Bennett – National – Waitakere – Minister for MSD.

WINZ (NZ Social Welfare) wreck good FATHERS discipline and endorse Mothers rescue thus condemning yet another Kiwi Kid.

Prime Minister – John Key

CC, MSD Minister – Paula Bennett

CC, Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed BLOGS, Egroup and FaceBook.



WINZ wreck good FATHERS discipline and endorse Mothers rescue thus condemning yet another Kiwi Kid.


My Son Javan turned 14 on the 12th of October this year. On his birthday he decided to break several of our well established Family Commitments. Thus I cancelled our night at Valentines with several of his mates. He chose to get rather threatening, so I gently picked him up and placed him outside our front door and proceeded to secure the house. He chose to attempt to kick the front door in. I opened my front room window and told him go for a walk and come back when he had cooled down. He chose to demand his gear. I told him I was not giving him any of his gear, but would give it to his Mother, CYFS or a known Parent.


He chose to go for a bike ride with some mates and did not return.


He stayed with mates for the rest of the week.


On Saturday he returned demanding his gear.


Mother came to the rescue and took him and a few bits and pieces to her single person’s accommodation up near Massey University Albany.


That lasted a few weeks until Mother found them a WINZ funded flat nearer to his college.


Once again NZ Family Law and Social Policy weaken a Loving FATHERS discipline and destroy another Boy-Man in the making.


How long will it be before he is yet another statistic within so called Youth Justice?


John, I commend your leadership in a hard economy but WHAT are you doing to change the many destructive things within NZ FAMILY Law and Social Policy that destroy our FAMILIES and thus our Nation?





Onward – Jim Bailey


Javan’s 24X7 Dad

WINZ – NZ Social Welfare – Destroyed our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**


Ration Shed – Founder. Supporting ** a father’s coalition ** and working within the mission of Ration Shed. 6 Lancaster Rd – Beach Haven – North Shore City

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Ration Sheds prime objective is to drive back to good old fashion FAMILY, giving ALL Children Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand Parents where possible and the support of their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** by ENSHRINEING  **Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** deep within GLOBAL FAMILY Law and Social Policy. We gladly join all with similar objectives and help build **Equal Parenting** based Orgs where there are none.


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One Response to NZ – WINZ – NZ Social Welfare – Wreck another Kiwi Kid.

  1. jimbwarrior says:

    This letter to John Key and Paula Bennett has never been answered as have the many to Paula Bennett have never been answered – Javan entered the Youth Justice system on his Mothers 54th Birthday – Having arrived home in a Police car while she was waiting for him to go out to dinner to celebrate.

    John Key and Paula Bennett have known for well over a year that I struggled to secure Javan his FATHERING on a Single Persons Invalids Benefit for over 9 years with NO Parenting help what so ever yet they have done NOTHING to adjust the powerlessness I found with ALL resourses going to Mother who Sunbathed week about on the FULL resourses of WINZ.

    I hold Helen Clark, Ruth Dyson, Ann Hartley, John Key and Paula Bennett directly and personally responcible for destroying our FAMILY and maybe our Son as they had the power to endorse my FATHERING all along.

    WINZ refused to recognise our hard won **Equal Parenting** from mid 2000 when I took sick with Heart and reflux hassles which the medical fraturnity have done their best to improve over six procedures in the last 10 years – They have made me more comfortable but unable to work in the normal sense of the word although i beleive I have never stopped work and have done my best for my Son and those around me.

    Onward – Together in CHRIST’s name

    Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior

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