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Dear all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that theme of IMD in India this year is going to be “Man is not an ATM”.

We want to put an end to men being treated as ATM machines by the society. We want to challenge alimony laws. Alimony is the biggest problem for men in India. Many men kill themselves because of the financial hardships heaped on them in the form of maintenance and alimony when a marriage breaks up. In majority of the cases women are the abusers, they take refuge in domestic violence laws, and extort money in the form of maintenance and alimony even though they are gainfully employed and/or are capable of supporting themselves. The government, the police and the judiciary work on the principle of protecting the wife at ANY cost, even if she is committing perjury, fraud, adultery, extortion, criminal intimidation etc.

Since IMD is a celebration, we will have to set the tone accordingly, but drive the message home.

It would be great to know what the rest of the countries are planning to do.



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