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Legally Kidnapped


Spooky CPSPosted: 23 Oct 2009 07:15 PM PDTSpooky CPS

In the tradition of Halloween, the season is about morbid, terrifying things.

Children’s Protective Services is one of the spookiest things in America, and every westernized country in the world.




‘Fat Family’ Children Taken From ParentsPosted: 23 Oct 2009 06:51 PM PDT‘Fat Family’ Children Taken From Parents

Seven children, including a newborn baby, have been taken from their overweight parents and put into care because of concerns over their welfare.




42 percent of abuse deaths from CPS-probed homesPosted: 23 Oct 2009 02:23 PM PDT42 percent of abuse deaths from CPS-probed homes

Nearly half of all Texas children killed by abuse belonged to families previously investigated by Texas Child Protective Services — a statistic that has shown no improvement since 2004, despite efforts to save more children, records show.




CPS under scrutiny for investigationsPosted: 23 Oct 2009 02:22 PM PDTCPS under scrutiny for investigations

An emaciated boy whose mother stands accused of his abuse is doing better, though he remains hospitalized. Meanwhile, Child Protective Services is coming under scrutiny for its handling of his case.




Audit: Department of Human Services misspent millionsPosted: 23 Oct 2009 01:52 PM PDTAudit: Department of Human Services misspent millions

The state agency that oversees the care of Michigan’s most vulnerable children is under fire again.




Editorial: The next steps in addressing the Luzerne County ‘cash for kids’ scandalPosted: 23 Oct 2009 01:44 PM PDTEditorial: The next steps in addressing the Luzerne County ‘cash for kids’ scandal

The outrage that is the Luzerne County “cash for kids” scheme perpetrated by two now former judges is about to get uglier.

In a process reminiscent of the 9/11 Commission, the state has charged an 11-member panel with finding out how thousands of juveniles could be placed in private, profit-making facilities with seemingly total disregard for their legal rights or the law and recommending how to make sure this doesn’t happen again.




Social services ‘acted too late’ to save Kate WalshPosted: 23 Oct 2009 01:42 PM PDTSocial services ‘acted too late’ to save Kate Walsh

A social services director has admitted agents acted “too late” to save Kate Walsh, the 16-year-old girl who died of a heroin overdose, an inquest has heard.




Anybody want a kid?Posted: 23 Oct 2009 01:17 PM PDT

Here ya go!




Social Workers: Laptops Don’t Stop BulletsPosted: 23 Oct 2009 11:51 AM PDTSocial Workers: Laptops Don’t Stop Bullets

Wednesday, Kentucky social workers told legislators in Frankfort the promises of a law meant to keep social workers safe have been broken.




More CPS Workers To Be CutPosted: 23 Oct 2009 10:56 AM PDTChild protection workers in Sacramento County face bigger caseloads as their coworkers are laid off.




Balls clashes with social work leadersPosted: 23 Oct 2009 10:44 AM PDTBalls clashes with social work leaders

The children’s secretary, Ed Balls, clashed with social work leaders today as he was accused of stopping professionals getting out to see vulnerable families and wasting their time on paperwork to prop up an “ineffective” inspection regime.




Jon Mark Beilue: Mother and child reunionPosted: 23 Oct 2009 07:12 AM PDTJon Mark Beilue: Mother and child reunion

She didn’t even get to see her, much less touch her. With cold efficiency, the newborn was taken from doctor to nurse to adoption worker. And that was it. Gone.




I’ll see you in court…Posted: 23 Oct 2009 07:02 AM PDTI’ll see you in court…

The Ellenville Central School District is currently embroiled in a legal conflict at the federal level with two district parents, Sandra and Donald Oglesby, who’ve brought a civil suit against the school over claims that the district violated their civil rights as parents of special-needs children.

The conflict has arisen from the parents’ allegations that the school district has a ‘policy of retaliation’ against those who complain to the school about teachers or staff. In this instance, the school reported the parents to New York State Child Protective Services (CPS), which investigated the parents for alleged abuse of their adopted special-needs children — an investigation that revealed no abuse by the Oglesbys upon its conclusion.




North Yorks child protection services praisedPosted: 23 Oct 2009 06:53 AM PDTNorth Yorks child protection services praised

Note: For helping to increase the number of kids taken into foster care maybe???




Roddy should focus on public trust, confidence in San Diego judiciaryPosted: 23 Oct 2009 06:49 AM PDTRoddy should focus on public trust, confidence in San Diego judiciary

You see the commercials on television with the caveman berated by a certain insurance company that insults the intelligence of cavemen. Michael Roddy is one of those cavemen but has difficulties answering simple requests for information despite his $433K per year salary.

Michael Roddy is the Executive Administrator of the San Diego Courts This basically means Roddy is the CEO of the San Diego court system with over 1600 employees and 130 judges with a total cost to the broke California taxpayers of about $250 million per year.





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