UK – Social services snatch another child in heartbreaking circumstances

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Sunday night 11th October 2009 10pm.


A desperate grandparent called our helpline for help..


In a very low voice he told me his daughter had a baby boy and after a couple of weeks she went out to the shops and never came back. That was over 5 years ago. Last Monday the wee boy was off school with a tummy bug and that morning there was a knock on the door.


The mother of the boy stood with a social worker and two policemen and it ended up taking the terrified wee boy away.


The mother is a complete stranger to this wee boy and he was very upset at being taken away from the grandparents he has lived with since he was born.


The grandparents are a very quiet couple of 47 and have full facilities and health for looking after this child. They protested that the mother was a complete stranger and the boy would be badly affected by being snatched by strangers and policemen but the social worker said he would soon get to know his mother. (This reflects the non caring attitude of social services)


The grandparents have a barrister and will appear in court tomorrow Tuesday 13 0ctober 2009.


Jimmy Deuchars

Grandparents Apart UK

22 Alness crescent

Glasgow G52 1PJ

0141 882 5658



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