NZ – PM Key – PLEASE listen to Coal Face FATHERING – MORE ABUSE from the NZGovt for Javan and his DAD and NO Doubt 1000’s of other FAMILY’s

Mr Key and Colleagues; WHAT ARE YOU DOING to take the ABUSE from NZ FAMILY Law and Social Policy? – PLEASE listen to this COAL FACE Fathering.

Onward – Jim – (Full signature below)




*John Key – Prime Minister



*Paula Bennett – Minister MSD

*Turiana Turia – Minister of many

*Peter Dunne – Minister Inland Revenue

C/- of NZ – Parliament

Wellington – By Post – 6 Oct – 09

C/- PA’s by Email – 6 Oct – 09

*Colleen Sears, WINZ case worker – Email and Hand delivered 6 Oct – 09.



CC,*Jonathan Coleman – my local MP and Minister – Email and Hand Delivered 6 Oct

CC,*Simon Collins – NZHerald writer By Post and Email – 6 Oct – 09.

CC,*Ration Shed – Egroup – BLOG and the **FAMILY Friendly Data-Base?**.



IRD 12-595-093 -/- WINZ 323-170-397



Update on – NZ – WINZ – Child Support – STEAL from Javan and his Dad yet again – LINK Below



MORE ABUSE from the NZGovt for Javan and his DAD and NO Doubt 1000’s of other FAMILY’s.



Mr Key and Colleagues;



WHAT ARE YOU DOING to take the ABUSE from NZ FAMILY Law and Social Policy and its perveyors?



Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG



Since publishing the original letter to you, Mr Key and colleagues, things have got worse.  I thought WINZ had deducted our so called Child Support prior to my last calculations – Well not true.



I am now expected to raise Javan to manhood, and service WINZ caused debt on the total weekly sum of $100.94cents per week. I. E. the difference between benefit received 10-Aug-09 (when I did not even know Mother was about to go out of our lives while he was living FULL Time with her, to find herself) and the 5-Oct-09. YES I am aware they will twist the facts – PLEASE listen to this COAL FACE Fathering.









My aim has always been to **Equal Parent** Javan in some form to accommodate changing situations, in order for Javan to be valued and cared for by his **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY**. So called FAMILY Court and its hirelings made that difficult to achieve although eventually relenting and granting **Equal Parenting** Orders after I had sacked 2 lawyers and become a proficient Self Litigant.



WINZ delt the final blow to this long fight by fully funding MOTHER on a specifically designed Benefit, DPB for near 14 years. That met all her needs yet she never did more than half the job of Parenting our Son. When I got sick, and needed WINZ, because I am unable to work, sicknesses caused directly by the injustices discovered, WINZ still gave all of Javan’s support to MOTHER, yet she was so unfit she could walk the Beach Haven/Highbury track daily sometimes twice.



That lasted 9 years while, I struggled on a Single Persons Invalids Benefit with NO support for Javan, yet **Equal Parented** him week about, until it all got to much with me FIGHTING;


  1. for my own health whilst lied back to work by WINZ,
  2. NZ FAMILY Law,
  3. Social Policy,
  4. so called FAMILY Court,
  5. WINZ,
  6. so called Child Support,
  7. his MOTHER,
  8. her FAMILY,
  9. her religious mates,
  10. and as his teenage stuff.



WINZ have been forced to accept that I really have multiple disabilities, though invisible to the ignorant, after much argument due to continuing support from the Medical Fraternity.  



Javan would NOT have had a Dad long ago due directly to the Injustices discovered had it not been for our wonderful medical fraternity.



BUT WINZ and so called Child Support continue to make things as difficult as possible for Javan and I making it impossible to service debt brought on by the GENDER BIAS within WINZ, and FATHERING him properly under current FAMILY Law and Social Policy that destroys those who try to Parent their own Children.



We wonder why our Nations FAMILY related statistics are so horrendous; my personal testimony is merely a drop in the bucket of the damage done by current FAMILY Law, Social Policy, its makers (MP’s) and its purveyors (Blindly obedient Bureaucrats and Judiciary who see the damage they cause before their eyes daily, yet accept their Govt provided benefits without feed back to YOU and your colleagues Sir? – OR are YOU and YOUR Colleagues ignoring the obvious to maintain the status quo?








Mr Key and Colleagues.


PLEASE – URGENTLY attended these issues exposed that tear our FAMILYS apart.


WHAT ARE YOU DOING to take the ABUSE from NZ FAMILY Law and Social Policy?



For the original article GO –






Onward – Jim Bailey (Full Sig Below)


Javan’s 24X7 Dad since 16Aug09 – You would think the end of a 14 year fight.

BUT NO NZ GOVT ABUSE Continues – Story in the bottom LINK.


WINZ – NZ Social Welfare – Destroyed our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**



Ration Shed – Founder. Supporting ** a father’s coalition ** and working within the mission of Ration Shed. 6 Lancaster Rd – Beach Haven – North Shore City

Auckland – New Zealand (+64) – 027-429-0055 -/- 09-482-296


FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME


Ration Sheds prime objective is to drive back to good old fashion FAMILY, giving ALL Children Mum, Dad and all 4 Grand Parents where possible and the support of their **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** by ENSHRINEING  **Preferential Equal Shared Parenting** deep within GLOBAL FAMILY Law and Social Policy. We gladly join all with similar objectives and help build **Equal Parenting** based Orgs where there are none.


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