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A success for British MRA’s!

Please see articles below (my remarks) from the Herald Scotland web site.


For many years British MRA’s have been tirelessly bombarding various MP’s, Journalists, police officers and TV stations about female paedophiles and being ignored. The news, when it reported paedophile activity, focused exclusively on the role of male offenders for years. The impression given was that only men did this horrible crime and when women were involved it was only because nasty men made them do it. Thus, “it was all his fault, your honour.” became the standard get out for the women who abused children, as with almost every other crime they are accused of.  Being thought of as a victim has its benefits if your are female and a criminal!


This situation continued year after year but brave MRA’s, who shall remain nameless, began collecting evidence that female paedophiles were alive and well and doing what they do for nothing other than the thrill of it. Nauseating photographs and movies were collected and were stored in a secret database out of the country at great risk to the men and women who collected the data. At any moment they could be arrested and labeled a pervert for even daring to download the filth. Ending up on some lefty database somewhere and marked for life. One female member who expressed an interest in gathering the data told me that if she and the others were caught and added to a list, “at least the police and everyone else would be forced to admit that women downloaded this stuff too.”


Once the evidence was gathered, along with the few studies that have been done into the problem of female paedophiles and copies of a BBC Panorama program, for example, that looked into this phenomena years ago, a warning was sent out that if the media, the government, and the police continued to ignore the truth, the Men’s Rights Movement would publish the films and pictures along with all of the other evidence in a very public and open way. The outcry from the public would have been huge and would have made headlines around the world. Chief among the questions asked would have been why have the establishment so obviously and deliberately ignored the female side of this issue for so long? They can get away with that when it comes to domestic violence, but not when it comes to the sexual abuse of children. We knew that, and so did they. Thankfully, they caved in and although they will seek to downplay female involvement in this crime as much as they can, because to do otherwise would ruin their anti family plans, at least we forced them to admit it exists!.


Of course, they caved in without admitting just how sick they remain on the other issues such as domestic abuse, forced male castration; the massive violence perpetrated against men and boys world wide; the refusal to action male homelessness in the same manner that female homelessness is addressed; the stark differences in the way male prisoners and housed and treated compared to females; the crisis in male education; the anti male discrimination within the medical; the outrageous discrimination males are facing in the family and criminal courts in terms of lack of access to their own flesh and blood and huge disparity in sentences handed out by judges in the courts and the hateful attacks on men by the advertising industry and so on.


This was a success but we have a long way to go. However, for those men and women committed to fighting for men, family and boys in this world, a well deserved glass of something soothing is in order. We made the deaf and the ignorant listen. That does not happen every day.


Th evidence gathered and the identities of those who gathered it are secret and will not be disclosed so please do not ask. If you are reading this in a different country and you are also an MRA then please note that everything was gathered from the Internet and in one or two cases, paper evidence (studies) were obtained from sympathetic people inside various Universities. That means you can do it too if this is still a problem in your country. The reason for the secrecy should be obvious as computer trails can be traced back to source. Sorry, but at least we have shown it can be done.


We do not mind that the BBC have chosen to paint themselves as brave pioneers leading the way on this matter. We know better but we will let them steal the glory. The truth is important, not which lying sods inside the establishment have an ego trip while covering up the fact that they have lied about this and stalled on the subject for years because they did not want to upset the feminists and ruin their ‘only men are evil’ propaganda.


Keep fighting.


George Rolph




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Facing up to the evil that woman do.

  • Angela Allen

Rachelle Money


Published on 3 Oct 2009

Female paedophilia.

Vanessa George was abusing their young children. Suspected It is society’s last taboo – the very antithesis of our perception of women. Women are meant to be the nurturers, mothers, carers and protectors of children, not predators. None of the parents at Little Ted’s Day Nursery in Plymouth

She was a woman, after all. How could anyone imagine that this seemingly bubbly nursery worker, described by one mother as “an angel”, could be sexually assaulting babies, taking photographs on her mobile phone and then exchanging them over the internet with her accomplices, Angela Allen and Colin Blanchard?

Society has come to accept that male paedophiles like Blanchard exist, but what makes a woman commit such heinous crimes against children?

Renowned forensic psychologist Dr Ian Stephen – the man who inspired the TV series Cracker – is one of the few experts who understand the profiles of sexually abusive women and why they are driven to molest children.

They feel it’s the victim’s fault for being a sexual being


Both Allen and George were mothers. George lived an outwardly respectable life in Plymouth with her two teenage daughters and her husband of 20 years. She had worked with children since 1998 and passed criminal record checks to work with infants. Allen, a single mother from Nottingham, led a far more depraved existence. Described as “sinister and totally evil” by Detective Superintendent Adrian Pearson, head of Nottingham’s public protection unit, Allen was said to have offered a three-year-old child to men as a sexual “trophy”.

Stephen says these women are unusual in that they were “involved in the sharp end of paedophilia” – the actual abuse. “You are more likely to find a woman procuring children for the sexual gratification of a male partner,” he explains. “The woman in the nursery had a far more active role because she was taking photographs and distributing them over the internet.”

The horror of the case has centred particularly on George as she facilitated the abuse and reproduced images for the sexual gratification of both Allen and Blanchard. Stephen describes her as the “linchpin” between the other culprits, whom she met on the social networking website Facebook.

It was only after George’s marriage started to break down in 2008 that she began using the internet to initiate relationships with other men. Between December 2008 and June of this year, more than 10,000 emails, text messages and phone calls were made between George and Blanchard.

One of the thrills for George, Stephen believes, is in her ability to then control those fellow perpetrators. “In a sense it’s less about the control over the victim for this woman and more about control over Colin Blanchard and Angela Allen,” Stephen says. “She’s got the fodder for them, she controls what is going on and she can dominate the activities of the group. She is the one abusing children while changing their nappies, photographing it and then emailing those images, so she certainly has a great deal of power in this group.”

Stephen believes George’s use of the internet may have unlocked her darkest fantasies and allowed her to live out a monstrous alternative persona. “It’s possible her behaviour didn’t evolve until she began using the internet. It allows people to take on a different identity and they can develop a persona that may be different from what people see on the outside.

“I would ask – why was her relationship breaking down? For vulnerable people the internet can be a very threatening place, particularly for those who are undergoing crises in their lives like a relationship breaking down. They become stuck on a different need in their lives – irrespective if that need is good or bad. The moral bit of it goes out of the window.”

All three offenders met online and only saw one another for the first time when they were standing in the dock at Bristol Crown Court. Online, their relationships developed to a point where each was goading the others into increasingly depraved sexual fantasies.

Stephen says he was involved in a similar case in Scotland where the internet was used to share images of children being abused. “I would read what they were communicating in chatrooms and it’s appalling to see this relationship developing. They start checking each other out and then that moves to heavy sexual discussion to fantasy, but you never know at what point that fantasy turns into reality.

“They begin gradually: how they feel and what they feel like doing, and that moves on to more serious stuff. Having looked at the relationships started by paedophiles on the internet, this group are very skilled in seducing others into their way of thinking. They will test parts of communication and see what they respond to and that quickly evolves into sexual language and then sharing fantasies.”

On April 21, Allen sent Blanchard an image of her abusing a three-year-old, which he then forwarded to George. The next day George sent Blanchard 10 images of abuse at the nursery. These were then forwarded to Allen. The trio began to drive each other to increasingly severe acts of abuse. On one occasion, Blanchard suggested that George drug some children and photograph them while they slept. She replied: “When ive met you properly then I’ll do things like that ok xxx.” This progression, from exchanging fantasies with strangers online to sexual assaults on babies, is beyond comprehension. Some have accused Blanchard, whom police labelled a ‘Walter Mitty’ character, of pushing the two women into these crimes. But police say all three were equal partners.

Historically, female offenders against children have often accused men of bullying them into deviant behaviour. “I think the women in this case have to take responsibility,” says Stephen. “They were explicit in terms of access to children and photographs of abuse. Women like Rose West and Myra Hindley were in relationships, often sexual, and used children as stimulants.

Stephen is reminded of a case in 2007 where Caroline Dunsmore, of Newhaven, Edinburgh, pleaded guilty to five offences of being involved in the rape of a child, molesting her, and having sex with various men in front of the girl. Last month, Dunsmore was in court again, this time to testify that she had watched television as two Edinburgh men abused her daughter, Dana Fowley (who has waived her right to anonymity), when she was 10 years old. However, she later told the High Court in Dunfermline that she was “mistaken” and withdrew her evidence. The two accused men were then freed. “She procured her daughter for others, which is similar in this case. She [Dunsmore] was liaising with them and made her daughter available to them,” says Stephen. “It’s very un-maternal. These women see children as commodities who can be used to satisfy someone else’s needs.”

Police suspect up to 30 children, mostly girls aged between 12 and 18 months, were victims in Plymouth, but they admit they don’t know the true number as George has yet to reveal their identities, dealing another cruel blow to the parents. This “continuation of the abuse”, as Stephen describes it, is part of George’s lust for control.

For outsiders, the fact George, Allen and Blanchard all pleaded guilty to numerous charges of sexual assault, and making and distributing indecent images of children, would suggest they accept their wrongdoing, but this is not necessarily the case, as Stephen explains. “In pleading guilty they don’t have to go through it all in court, no one will know the true extent of it, so they don’t have to reveal anything.”

He recalls interviewing a “serious paedophile” who had a total lack of feeling that he had done anything wrong. “They feel it’s the victim’s fault for being a sexual being. They have a total lack or remorse or empathy … In this sense they can say: ‘I did it but I don’t feel sorry for doing it.’ They don’t feel they’ve done anything wrong but they feel guilt for getting caught. It’s a strange childlike sense of morality these individuals have, where the getting caught part is what they feel remorseful for rather than the offence itself.”

The number of female paedophiles is very low, but Stephen says he feels it is on the rise. “More cases are being followed up by police and there’s more recognition that women can be involved in cases like this one.

Parents of the suspected victims wept in Bristol Crown Court as the charges were read out. In contrast, George, Blanchard and Allen appeared to show no emotion.

Detective Superintendent Pearson says the case was “absolutely unique in many ways … These people appeared to be entirely normal. But all of them were absolutely focused on their own sexual gratification. The number of victims, the scale of their deceit, the way that they manipulated relationships and the cunning they have all used for their own ends is really, really shocking.”

Dr Ian Stephen, renowned forensic psychologist

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is
striking at the root.”   — Henry David Thoreau    



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