South Africa – Abduction to – Germany – Jugendamt Wilhelmshaven and corrupt politician destroy Hickman familiy

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Michael’s story is so horrific and even though I know it, reading it again,
is heart-wrenching. Clearly, working alone with his ex-wife, was fine and
he had full day access to his children, even alone. This is exactly as it
should be. She was also not concerned that he would take the children (not
that he had passports), or she would not have left him alone with them.

Psychiatrists seem to be above the law in the US also. It is not just in
Germany. Being evaluated, in absentia, has and does happen in the US. I am

not making excuses for the events in Wilhemshaven, I am merely pointing out
these things happen here.

I tried everything to prevent a four year old from being abducted by his
truly criminal American father (long criminal record), who was also
as in no fixed address.
With the help of the State Department, International Social Services and
the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, all of whom I had
contacted to PREVENT the abduction, stood behind the American father and
him from his Swedish mother and his whole Swedish family and had him brought

to the US to his criminal, homeless father. Once here, they had no idea
where the child was. During the 3 months he was with his father, before I
within days of finding him only for him to move, the child witnessed
violence, rape, attempted murder, police, chases, his father being
handcuffed and on
and on. I finally got a court order to pick up the child once I tracked

In the process of my investigation, I found another of the father’s rape
victims who gave birth to a little girl. She lost her police department
husband to homicide. She agreed to testify and the judge was visibly upset.

I spent nights in drug infested and dangerous neighborhoods tracking the
father and hopefully the poor child. Eventually I had him. The court
the mother sole legal and physical custody, denied the father all rights to
the child, and told the mother to take the child back to Sweden because it
was his only chance.

Don’t expect any changes in the US system because of this case. There
would have to be more situations like the one above.

Germany is tough nut to crack. Everyone who was in Hitler’s hold, either
willing or unwilling, is now in their 80s. Their children, however, are in
their fifties and could well be in positions of power within the German
court, youth authority, legal system and psychiatric system. We just don’t
their histories. It would not be that hard to find out though. We do know
that post-WWII, the serious Nazi offenders went into the police department,
legal system, and in fact anywhere where they could disappear and still be
in positions of power. I doubt anyone has looked into the pasts of the
players in Michael’s case. It is time to turn the tables and look at them.
We know Michael is a decent fellow, but what about his adversaries in
Germany? All we need to know is who were their FATHERS and MOTHERS and what

were their names, where were they during WWII? Were they in the Army,
Airforce, Navy? Gestapo, SS?

Don’t forget we have the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Austria and the
Holocaust Memorial Museum full of information and archives in Washington,
DC, close
to me.

Tell Michael to start the real work that will expose the Wilhelmshaven
problem. It sounds to me as if they have much to hide. Bullies always do.

Arlington, VA


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