NZ – Auckland – Promise Keepers – 9/10-Oct – A husband transformed

Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to; John Subritzky –


My Son Javan and I will be attending the Auckland Promises Keepers and we are looking fwd to it.


My experience of having my Son stolen by his MOTHER, her FAMILY, her religious mates and supported by NZ Family Law and Social Policy has  made me listen HARD to Mens Stories and be very slow to condemn them


This story below could be taken as Men are BAD Women are GOOD.


I have know doubt that the LORD has been a Major part of my recovery and me gaining 24X7 care of him and thus I have returned to the mainline Church with caution.


I do hope Promise Keepers as a whole does not carry the message Men BAD – Women Good.


For the original article GO –  


Come join FAMILY Orientated Authors.

Take note Go


Onward – Jim



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