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A Warm Welcome to all Think Fathers Champions


You recently signed up as a Think Fathers Champion, or attended the Think Fathers Summit (in June).


The Think Fathers campaign, launched by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, is now under the Fatherhood Institute’s remit. We have identified three aims for the campaign (to read them, click here) and we’re working hard to develop ways of supporting Champions to help drive it forward.


We are really excited to have you on board. You’re part of a really diverse group that includes people who work in children, family and health services; professionals including doctors, lawyers and social workers; and other individuals with an interest in fatherhood, including journalists, researchers, policymakers, employers etc.


Over the coming weeks and months we will be contacting you again to tell you more about the Think Fathers campaign, and about all the Champions.  In the meantime we want to invite you to help us shape the future direction of the campaign…



What you can do now


1. Tell us more about yourself and your thoughts


To be really effective, the Think Fathers campaign needs to be interactive. We need to know who our Champions are and how you can help bring about change – so that we can keep track of what’s happening and do our best to support you.


We also want to hear what challenges you face. Maybe you have ideas about what the Think Fathers campaign should focus on, or need some support to get things moving locally to you? 


Whatever your work setting and whatever your interest in fatherhood issues, we will try to help you ‘think fathers’ in whatever ways we can – but we need YOU to help US develop this campaign too.


Click here to send us an email…tell us who you are, including your job title and who you work for – and what you’d like the Think Fathers campaign to achieve.



2. Help us design the support we provide


Individual Champions


As an individual Champion we are asking you to commit to supporting the aims of the Think Fathers campaign.  By creating your own Champion Statement you will be able to set out in your own words how you plan to do this.


You can access a whole host of support from the Institute – because we know how crucial your individual commitment is to the success of this campaign.  For more details and to create a Champion Statement, click here .


Champion organisations, projects and services


We expect that all sorts of organisations, including national, regional and local government bodies, charities and companies – or specific projects or services within organisations – will want to sign up as Champions.


Over time we will be developing targeted support for different sectors. Right now we are developing our support mainly for children’s, family and health services – including those run and commissioned by local authorities, children’s and primary care trusts, and by national and local third sector organisations.


We will be offering commissioners and providers of such services the opportunity to sign up and gain access to a wide-ranging package of support – including:


  • Targeted support for a nominated link person in your agency or service
  • Discounted training, consultancy and publications
  • Email advice line and regular e-briefings
  • Priority booking for events
  • Use of the Think Fathers logo


A key part of the package will be the Dad Test – a detailed self-assessment tool to help service providers identify and work through the changes needed to make their services more father-inclusive – backed up by support from the Institute for agencies that want it. It is currently in draft form, and before we finalise it we would really like to hear what you think about it, and about our plans to support organisations to make use of it.


Please contribute to the consultation, which ends on 14 October. You will find the draft version of the Dad Test and a set of consultation questions, including instructions on how to give us your feedback, here.


And watch out for our next consultation, which will be about the role of commissioners in promoting father-inclusive strategies and services, and how the campaign can support them.



3. Spread the word


We need people from all walks of life to be part of the Think Fathers campaign, so please encourage friends, family members and anyone else you know to sign up. Send them this link so they can find out more about the campaign.


4. Contribute to the Big Fatherhood Debate


If you work in children’s, family and health services and/or are a mum or dad, we would love you to contribute to the Big Fatherhood Debate click here, where you can fill in surveys about children’s services and how well or badly they engage with dads – and tell us what you think about how dad-friendly Britain’s workplaces are.


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