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I’m greatly indebted to journalist blogger Dave Crampton for providing me with fullsome background information and insightful comments on that seemingly infamous Canterbury University “study” for the Families Commission on the above subject. It is all to be found on the underlying URL for Dave’s “Big News” blog and headed “More irrelevant research from the Families Commission”, dated 27th September 2009.


Printing it off can result in inconveniently minute type, but a cut and paste to a Word doc produces normal sized type. Some of the facts revealed there:-


The “study” was indeed no more than cheap and tawdry advocacy research, as Bob McCoskrie had concluded, having been co-authored by two  obviously die hard, dedicated political homosexual women : Alexandra C. Gunn and Nicola Surtees,  from the University of Canterbury, Lists of their research publications attest to their radical political perspectives. In addition they were assisted in their “research” by Janette Kelly of University of Waikato and Lisa Terreni of Victoria University. It would be a long shot indeed to imagine that they, also, were not homosexual-oriented.


From that URL one can also access information on the Blue Skies Fund, which, under the umbrella of the Families Commission, funded this whole fiasco, and, as Crampton cynically points out in closing that blog, “Your taxpayer dollars paid for it”. The Blue Skies blurb reads: “The Blue Skies Fund provides funding for dynamic new work (!) that examines contemporary and emerging family issues. The fund is intended for new research, emergent ideas and ‘ideas papers’ which have the potential to lead to new research.”   




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