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From: Barbara Faithfull []
Sent: Wednesday, 30 September 2009 8:48 p.m.
To: Barbara Faithfull
Cc: Don Rood
Subject: How the news media assists the homosexual political agenda – Recipient list suppressed


On  Friday 25th September Radio N.Z. news and Checkpoint  reported on moves to allow for more than two parents’ names to be permitted on a child’s birth certificate.


It seems that a “study”  has been conducted by the University of Canterbury into  homosexual parenting, and which involved nineteen such groupings.. This has resulted in the Families Commission issuing a report entitled   “‘We’re a family’ : A study of how lesbians and gay men are creating and maintaining family in N.Z.”, and co-authored by  Dr. Alex Gunn. Unsurprisingly, the Commission recommends there that the names of more than two parents should be permitted to be listed.


Also unsurprisingly, the Radio N.Z. reporting of this matter was far from balanced. For example, the Checkpoint item featured discussion with a lesbian parent as well as another as co-ordinator of a lobby  group called Rainbow Families; also with Dr. Gunn, clearly, if subtly, in sympathy with the homosexual viewpoint.


The sole opposing view presented was from Bob McCoskrie of Family First, and even this, it later transpired – when I had had the opportunity to read his original press statement – had been a mere cunningly  watered down version of many hard-hitting points he had made.


Firstly, then, here is  exactly what was presented from  (and about) Bob McCoskrie’s press statement :-


    ” ‘You can put as many adults as you want on the birth certificate, but we’re saying that the rights of the child must come first, and one of those most important rights is not to be intentionally put into a fatherless or motherless family arrangement to satisfy the desires of adults.’ (Then) Bob McCoskrie says all children have the right to know who their parents are, and to have a relationship with them. He says allowing children to have teams of parents could lead to some worrying social engineering.”


The following points  were omitted from McCoskrie’s press statement :-


His (obviously negative, but I suggest quite valid) criticism of the report as “advocacy research” and a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.


That the report reveals “nothing new that isn’t faced by any blended family”.


That the report “fails to tackle the thorny issue of assisted reproduction”.


That earlier in September Family First had released a report “21 reasons why marriage matters” but there had been no response to it from the Commission.


Finally, “While the Commission remains mute on important issues affecting families, such as 1.5M New Zealanders opposing the anti-smacking law, and research on the importance of marriage and family structure, it has suddently found its voice and funding on an issue affecting 1% of families.”     (end of quotes)


With  blatant evidence such as this  which I have documented over  thirty-odd years, I suppose  at least it can be said that Radio N.Z. is  nothing if not consistent in its disgracefully    biased handling of  issues such as this.`





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