Australia – Dads on the Air – Tuesday 29thSeptember 2009 – Paul Elam – Robert McLachlan – 2GLF 89.3FM and online


With special guests:

  • Paul Elam and
  • Prof. Robert McLachlan.  

First up we speak with Paul Elam, who is the Editor–in-Chief of the world’s leading men’s website  Mens News Daily and the publisher of A Voice for Men.

Paul worked as a men’s rights advocate for two decades in the mental health field, advocating on behalf of men that were affected by misandry and feminist doctrine in clinical treatment settings. Paul focuses his efforts now on exposing the mendacities of modern feminism, especially in their impact on the daily lives of men.

Our second interview is with Professor Robert McLachlan who is a Principal Research Fellow at Prince Henry’s Institute and is Deputy Director of Endocrinology at the Monash Medical Centre as well as being the secretary of the International Society of Andrology.

He specialises in the area of male reproductive medicine and has made significant contributions to the research in endocrinology, infertility and andrology.  He combines his academic career with active clinical practice as a consultant in these fields.

As Editor in Chief of the popular Mens News Daily, Paul Elam writes the following informative editorial, on the current status of Men.

In 2009 the western male finds himself at the crossroads between chivalry and equality. He walks in a surreal land wherein he is expected to “be a real man,” suck it up, and work until he drops. Simultaneously, he must act as a psychological wet-nurse to his wife while morphing into the sensitive prince of her dreams. Today, an actualized man is one who oscillates between being a policeman that “protects and serves” and a guidance counselor who listens to his better half and allows her to “be all you can be.” Should a man defend or assert himself in reply to his detractors he is deemed characterologically unfit.

In the eyes of our elites, “manliness” should be synonymous with “submission.”

But this is not how it should be. For tens of thousands of years, the complementary union between man and woman has allowed our species to reach the pinnacle of evolution yet now the sexes are estranged from one another. This is a heinous injustice. Women gave birth to men. In turn, we gave birth to civilization. Man and woman should be as one. Our greatness is inseparable

Males are told that the only route to salvation is feminization. We must parrot the traits, aspirations, affectations, and behaviors of the fair sex even though their moods are conspicuously less rosy than our own. Nowadays, in the information age, even a man’s method of labor is wrong. Working indefatigably towards a desired end is deemed antisocial. It’s too “task-oriented.” Instead, we must become “process-oriented” whereby talking, circuitous discussions that lead nowhere, and commiseration are elevated over productivity

At MND, we take issue with the conformity that is modernity. If everyone is doing it…count us out. We have internalized the words of Camille Paglia: “If women ruled the world, we’d still be living in grass huts.” Indeed!

Here you will find proud men who defend their nation, their brothers, and their sex. We believe that to tell the truth is to automatically oppose evil, and to defend reason is the definition of being a man. All of us have emotions, but to resist their base sway and embrace logic instead is the essence of manliness. was founded in 2001 and remains a sanctuary for men. It is one of the few remaining places where a man can be a man without apology. We thank you for visiting, but encourage you to join us in our mission.

Our second guest Professor Robert McLachlan, is secretary of the International Society of Andrology and a consultant to the World Health Organisation (WHO) on male infertility regulation. Today he speaks about  Andrology Australia and the functions they perform.

Since the inception of Andrology Australia in 2000, the foundations of an evidence-based men’s health program in community and professional education have been established. A broad range of activities has been undertaken with the support of many collaborators, and major achievements seen in men’s health education at both the community and professional levels.

Andrology Australia is convening another Forum with the wider men’s health network, including our key associates and stakeholders who have worked with our program in the past. The theme of the 2009 forum is ‘The Healthy Male: a holistic approach to men’s health’, providing an overview of latest developments and understanding in men’s health that cross over social factors and health behaviours, research and medical interventions.


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