USA – American jailed in Japan for trying to reclaim his abducted children

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2 Responses to USA – American jailed in Japan for trying to reclaim his abducted children

  1. Ray says:

    I have a terrible feeling in my stomach right now. This poor man has had the same thing done to him as I did by my ex Japanese wife and her so called legitimate government. This is perhaps worse though. My ex had be put on a black list which prevented me from entering Japan until both of my children turned 18. That was just three years ago. She kidnapped them when my daughter was 7 and son 5. I feel for this man and the injustice being done to his children and him. The worst possible thing that could happen is if the Japanese government decides to prosecute. He will loose and be remanded to a jail there. This would be the worst possible thing for a non-japanese as they do not like foreigners there at all and treat them very very badly. I hope our government steps in and gets him out of there before it is too late. It is truly unfortunate that our government has no leverage to use for him and all of the others that this has happened to. The true crime here is to the children. Although family values and the concept of such is not considered the same there, it is my belief that they need to revise their laws to accommodate the international marriages that occur between non-Japanese and Japanese to protect the rights of each parent in relation to their home countries laws and culture which up to now, has been something the Japanese have failed to do. Perhaps this comes from their belief they are superior to everyone else.

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