NZ – Concerns Rugby World Cup will bring more domestic violence

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NOTE – Comment by Barbara Faithfull below


JimBWarrior’s Comment,


The hideous spread of Girl good – Boy bad is the aim of many an organisation ruling the NZ Public and Government.


The All Black’s may chose to be a part of their tools, I hope NOT.


The way forward to drag NZ out of most disastrous Family and Society statistics is to Re-Build the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** by Enshrining HandsOnEqualParenting deep within our Family Law and Social Policy.


Thus tearing ALL that and who damage FAMILY from our shores such as deliberate and blindly obedient Bureaucrats, Law makers, Social Manipulators and all who purvey the law and policy such as Family Court Judges, MSD, CYFS, WINZ, Lawyers and many an Org.


It’s a wonder any good old fashion FAMILY survive.


The All Blacks could play a major part in strengthening our FAMILYS, our Society, and our Nation by being leaders on the way back to good old fashioned FAMILY – That would be good.


Onward – Jim

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Come join FAMILY Orientated Authors.

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Onward – Jim



Concerns Rugby World Cup will bring more domestic violence

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Mon, 21 Sep 2009 5:41p.m.

By Bob McNeil

A women’s group has issued a challenge to the All Blacks to help prevent domestic and sexual violence during the Rugby World Cup.

The Rape Prevention Education Group fears a big increase in attacks and wants the All Blacks to spend the next two years spreading a message of non-violence.

“There’s likely to be more abuse, more rape that won’t necessarily get reported to the police,” says Debbie Hager, Homeworks Trust. There is “likely to be more rape because there’s that volatile mix of people partying”, she says.

But the police are not convinced.

“We’re not anticipating that there would be a huge rise in domestic violence, but like any time, we would advise people if they are in a situation where things are getting out of control, and they think they may rise to domestics, then they should just walk away and get some fresh air or seek help in relation to it,” says Senior Sergeant Dave Ryan, Waitemata police.

But the Rape Prevention Education Group has put out a challenge to the All Blacks.

“If they would like to join with Rape Prevention Education we would really like it if they would help us to develop a prevention plan, speaking out to the community about how to keep all of us safe during the Rugby World Cup,” says Dr Kim McGregor.

Aucklanders have been invited to submit designs for the redevelopment of the waterfront for the cup. The Homeworks Trust has entered one that includes the James Whakaruru building, named after a famous child abuse victim, and offers shelter to victims of violence and a detox unit.

The anti-violence campaigners say they realise the Rugby World Cup will be a nation-wide party, with millions of people looking forward to it. But they also say we need to be aware of the unintended consequences, especially for women and children.

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Barbara Faithfull

22 Sep 2009 8:23p.m.

In seeking All Blacks’ involvement in its campaigning the motives of the Rape Education Prevention group are most suspect, as it is ideologically driven.

Therefore the All Blacks would be well advised to give the group a wide berth.


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