Greece – Demo pictures from George Karavidas

Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to George Karavidas – Greece – Athens – Peroster – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09


For the original Photos GO – and scroll down the page.


For Georges comments see below.


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Onward – Jim



Dear Jim,


This is a link below that you may put up Photos…


Note: This particular: Pan Hellenic Men’s Association – is different to, but they both are associated, with to go by law… but the  is going for uprooting the system, thus our children, mainly boys (hopefully) will have a great change for developing a proper stable Family!


As Greece has created democracy since 2600 ago, must force the law of Equal Rights in to the Family as well…

Bear in mind that I only have a 14 year old daughter, where I see her every week – end and school holidays…but because she is in Karate with me since dampers, she treats the boys very badly, by having her mother as an example…


George Karavidas (A Psychologist –Writer, Life Long Martial Artist)   




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