Greece – George Karavidas – Report on DEMO 26Sept09

Up on Ration Shed – Egroup and BLOG – with thanks to George Karavidas – Greece – Athens – Peroster – Signed Equal Pet. Jan09


George – Thanks for the photo and your comments below – Sadly I can’t put the photo on the Egroup or WordPress.


Please send a LINK if there is one available.


I am sure glad the day was a success and wish you many more.


I quite agree the Politicians could change things very quickly but chose to support the Women who tear our FAMILIES apart


Many Women don’t do that and are coming to our side as well as many Grand Parents


There is Hope – Keep up the good work


Come join FAMILY Orientated Authors.

Take note Go


Onward – Jim




From: George Karavidas []
Sent: Sunday, 27 September 2009 1:00 p.m.
Subject: [SPAM] From George Karavidas


Dear Jim,


To – day: The 26 of September 2009; gloomy and cloudy, with drizzled rain (ideal for our painful demonstration – complain), it was a great success (Although I call it another self stubbing in the already wounded heart of all the Men-Fathers pride, worldwide) and the one sided Politicians (of any Party) received the message for Equal Parenting, which is only the beginning of their forthcoming nightmare!

Jim, out of the many years of lonely sleepiness nights that I have been through with my effort to write, to talk, to argue, to explain, to motivate and to give some strength to the Man-Father (and to myself), I realized with horror that the downfall, the discrimination of the Man – Father and the distinction of the proper healthy family (as you always said: two Biological  Parents, Children and Grand Parents), it is not only the product of the ‘Divorced Industry’ but also from the male Politicians and the female Judges – Presidents of the Court…

The male Politicians, if they had it, they could alter Legislation and thus force any president of the Court to just go by Law, but because women worldwide are more than men, with the voting power been greater than the male voters, thus force them to kneel to the women, where at first they came through their feministic movements as a favor to the voter mother, but by now it comes as an order: “Either you give as the children, thus we will have a fat and a long child support, or you kiss your ass goodbye to politics and to good and easy money – making”  

Soon (I hope) my Book call: The Right to be a Man and a Father, will come out through a publisher from North Carolina, call: where the above and many – many other thorny problems are coming to surface… which I give Easy and Scientific solutions…

I will let you know when is out, also the ‘key’ politicians all over USA and Europe as well…


All the best,


George Karavidas (A Psychologist – Writer, Life Long Martial Artist)


P.s. In the photo below, I am the man with the purple blazer – jacket and

a dark tie. I am holding a placard with the writing: Dad I love you    


Well behind us is the Constitution Square and the Parliament, where we had our meeting.


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